From the Delta to the Sea

August 8, 2011By Andy RowellBlog Post, Featured

Often in the 24 hour news world, stories are reported at such a rate that no one ever takes a step back to see if they are joined up. No one ever seems to ask searching questions to see if two different stories are connected and therefore what are the consequences of that connection. You … Read More

“Cowboy” Cairn Gags Greenpeace

July 20, 2011By Andy RowellBlog Post, Featured 3 Comments

One of the many ways in which powerful polluters try to silence their critics is through legal intimidation. And Cairn Energy, which is involved in controversial drilling in the Arctic, is no exception. For months Cairn has been dogged by Greenpeace, which has been campaigning against its Artic operations off Greenland. On Monday about 60 … Read More

Two More Oil Spills…

July 19, 2011By Andy RowellBlog Post, Featured 1 Comment

Just as BP slowly begins to rebuild its tarnished reputation, it has slipped up again. Not in a catastrophic company-threatening way  like it did last year but a much smaller spill, this time in Alaska. Although the amount spilt – some 2,100 to 4,200 gallons of fluid –  is infinitesimal compared to the Deepwater Horizon, … Read More

And for Shell We Present an “Erratum”

May 18, 2011By Andy RowellBlog Post, Featured 1 Comment

Sometimes the best protests are the most simple and symbolic. Yesterday, Shell’s shareholders and senior management at the company’s AGM in the Hague were presented with an “erratum” to the company’s recent Annual Report. The spoof report by Friends of the Earth looks like a real Shell report, until you start to read it. For … Read More

BP’s Credibility in Tatters Again

May 17, 2011By Andy RowellBlog Post, Featured

BP’s long-term strategic direction and its credibility with City analysts is in tatters this morning after its bid for a strategic alliance with Rosneft, the Russian state oil champion, collapsed late last night. A year on from the Deepwater disaster, this was the deal that was meant to revitalise BP’s reputation. This was the deal … Read More

Free at Last?

January 13, 2011By Andy RowellBlog Post, Featured

For 300 long years Greenland has been part of Denmark. Denmark pumps $620 million into Greenland’s anaemic economy every year—more than $11,000 for each Greenlander. But this may be all about to change. In November 2008 its citizens voted overwhelmingly for increased independence from Denmark, which has officially ruled Greenland in some form since 1721. … Read More

Are We Heading for An Arctic Oil War?

October 12, 2010By Andy RowellBlog Post 1 Comment

The next resource war may happen not in the Middle East, but in the Arctic. That is the view of the one of NATO’s most senior commanders, Admiral James Stavridis, the supreme allied commander for Europe. The Admiral’s argument is that as the ice melts because of climate change, the race for resources could lead … Read More