Shell Dumps Wind and Solar

March 18, 2009By Andy RowellBlog Post 3 Comments

Politicians may be talking about a “Green New Deal”, and how environmental technologies will kick-start the economy out its current crisis, but one of the world’s largest oil companies does not agree. In a hugely important decision, which will have serious ramifications for both the company and wider energy debate, Shell has said that it … Read More

Great Rhetoric Versus Political Reality

February 25, 2009By Andy RowellBlog Post 1 Comment

The pundits have been positively purring over President Obama’s first address to Congress, where he warned of the “day of reckoning.” “We will rebuild, we will recover,” Mr Obama said, adding: “Now is the time to act boldly and wisely.” The speech was Obama’s most upbeat assessment of recovery yet, after months of warning how … Read More

Waxman Fires First Salvo on Climate

January 16, 2009By Andy RowellBlog Post

Although the serious Obama-fest won’t start until next week when the new President takes office, one smaller revolution started yesterday in Washington. Representative Henry Waxman, the Democrat from California, opened the new Congress’ first hearing on climate change and immediately promised to move “quickly and decisively” to have legislation coming from his committee before Memorial … Read More

The End of the Road?

December 12, 2008By Andy RowellBlog Post 1 Comment

It is over fifty years ago when the then Chief Executive of General Motors, Charles Wilson, famously told the Senate in 1953 that “for years I thought that what was good for our country was good for General Motors, and vice versa”. Not any more. It could well be the end of the road for … Read More

A New Chapter but Same Old “Solutions” (maybe)

November 19, 2008By Andy RowellBlog Post

American President-elect Barack Obama sent a video-taped message to a conference on climate change in Los Angeles yesterday that, under his administration, he would to promise a “new chapter in America’s leadership on climate change”, leading to a “new era of global cooperation” on the issue. In his message, Obama pledged “a new chapter in … Read More

IEA: “Urgent Action” Needed on Renewables

September 30, 2008By Andy RowellBlog Post 1 Comment

The International Energy Agency (IEA) estimates that nearly 50% of global electricity supplies will have to come from renewable energy if we want to halve CO2 emissions by 2050 in order to minimise irreversible climate change. Meeting these very ambitious objectives will require unprecedented political commitment, which has so far been badly lacking across both … Read More

Green Jobs Now!

September 26, 2008By Steve KretzmannBlog Post

Looking for something great to do on Saturday?  All of us here at Oil Change urge you to join the National Day of Action for Green Jobs. Its a perfect way to address the crises in both our economy and our ecology  at the same time. Green Jobs Now is a National Day of Action … Read More

T. Boone to the Rescue…

July 9, 2008By Andy RowellBlog Post 6 Comments

After a meeting today of the G8 and leading developing countries, the two groups finally said they shared a “joint vision” for action on climate change. But the statement made no mention of any specific target for cutting emissions, and gave no baseline date from when the cuts might begin. Yesterday the G8 called for … Read More

IEA Urges $45 Trillion “Energy Revolution”

June 10, 2008By Andy RowellBlog Post 1 Comment

World governments must start a $45 trillion dollar “energy technology revolution” between now and 2050 or risk a 130 percent surge in carbon emissions, according to the IEA. While that may sound like a frighteningly large figure to some, the investment required is “an average of some 1.1% of global GDP each year from now … Read More