Oil Change International Response to Veto-Override Attempt on Keystone XL Bill

Today’s failed vote is just another example of a corrupt Congress trying to please its Big Oil Benefactors. Nothing more, nothing less. Keystone XL backers continue to trot out the same tired talking points spoon-fed to them by the industry. Meanwhile the facts remain the same: Keystone XL fails the climate test and should be rejected.

Response to EPA comments on Keystone XL

The EPA’s comments point to the fact that at current oil prices the pipeline would certainly trigger additional production in the tar sands, and thus significant additional emissions. Thus Keystone XL clearly fails the President’s climate test…

Statement on Nebraska Keystone XL Court Decision

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 9 JANUARY 2015 In response to the Nebraska Supreme Court decision on the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline route, Steve Kretzmann, Executive Director of Oil Change International released the following statement: “While the route for Keystone XL may have been approved on a technicality, passing the climate test is a much higher … Read More

Keystone XL campaign for the win.

Keystone XL campaign for the win.

The tar sands campaign is also poised to have a very real and measurable impact on carbon pollution as well as the tar sands industry’s bottom line.