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20 September 2023, NEW YORK– As the United Nations Secretary-General’s Climate Ambition Summit wraps up and the world witnesses once again the lack of commitment from the largest fossil fuel producers, Pacific governments and global climate leaders held a press conference hosted by the Republic of Vanuatu calling on nations to take concrete action to phase out fossil fuels in a way that is fair, fast and forever.

The summit represented a critical political milestone for demonstrating that there is collective global will to accelerate the pace and scale of a more equitable and just energy transition. But once again, the

A handful of rich countries driving oil and gas expansion failed to answer United Nations Secretary General António Guterres’s call for an end to new fossil fuel production. Lacking the climate leadership necessary to participate, the United States, the United Kingdom, Norway, and Australia were excluded from speaking at the Climate Ambition Summit today.


New Oil Change International research shows that only 20 countries, led overwhelmingly by the United States, are responsible for nearly 90 percent of the carbon-dioxide (CO2) pollution threatened by new oil and gas fields and fracking wells planned between 2023 and 2050. If this oil and gas expansion is allowed to proceed, it would lock in climate chaos and an unlivable future.

This briefing, titled, Norway’s Electrification of Melkøya Gas Plant: The Perfect Storm of Climate Injustice, reveals not only the project's disastrous climate implications for the Norway and the Arctic, but also the human rights violations in the decades-long governmental oppression of the Indigenous Sámi people and their ancestral lands.

Two weeks before global leaders gather for the UN Climate Ambition Summit in New York, new analysis by Oil Change International shows that several major countries continue to pump $4.4 billion in public finance into international fossil fuel projects despite committing to end this support by the end of 2022.