Asia Gas Factsheet #1: The Climate Case Against Gas Expansionletter

Oil Change International & Asian Peoples’ Movement on Debt and Development (APMDD)

September 2021

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Translations: Vietnamese, Chinese, Bahasa, Tagalog, Korean, Japanese, Thai

About USD $380 billion of gas infrastructure is currently planned for Asia, much of which is slated to be built within a decade. If all of this is built, it will nearly double Asian gas power generation capacity along with gas import capacity via pipelines and LNG import terminals.

This impending buildout of new gas infrastructure poses one of the greatest threats to meeting the goals of the Paris Agreement. Instead of forming a bridge — as gas proponents claim — gas expansion builds a wall against the clean energy future we need.

Investing billions of dollars into gas power plants, pipelines, and LNG terminals risks locking in gas use and new carbon emissions at precisely the time that we need to start ramping them down. The technologies are available today to leapfrog gas straight to clean energy. But instead of forming a bridge to a clean energy future, the proposed expansion of gas use in Asia and elsewhere forms a wall against the clean energy future we need. We must stop building that wall and build the clean energy we need.

Asia Gas Factsheet #2: Gas Is A Bad Deal For Asia

Oil Change International & Asian Peoples’ Movement on Debt and Development (APMDD)

November 2021

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Translations: Chinese, Korean, Japanese

Asia is one of the few remaining growth markets for gas. The fossil fuel industry and its proponents are pushing to develop $379 billion of gas terminals, pipelines and power plants in Asia over the next decade. Roughly three-quarters of all Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) import terminals in development globally are planned for Asia. This aggressive buildout ignores a simple truth.

Renewable energy is cheap and getting cheaper. Solar
is already the cheapest new source of energy in China, India, Thailand and Vietnam. Renewables will become the cheapest way to supply electricity across Asia before the end of this decade. Together with advanced grid development and management, as well as increasingly cheaper storage, renewables can provide an affordable, stable backbone for a clean energy economy.

Asia Gas Factsheet #3: No Gas Needed

Oil Change International

October 2023

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The fossil gas industry works hard to portray gas as essential to the transition to a clean energy future. However, this ignores the fact that gas is expensive, risky, and dirty. New gas infrastructure locks in decades of new carbon emissions and slows the transition to clean energy. Real-world experience and ongoing research show that transitioning to a clean power system without gas is achievable using a suite of readily available policies, tools, and technologies.

This fact sheet provides insights into the latest research on achieving fossil-free electricity, outlines solutions for maximizing renewable electricity, and highlights policies to enable this change.

The following infographic, called Achieving Fossil Free Electricity, shows the many choices available for supporting & solar to achieve reliable, dispatch-able fossil-free energy. Our companion online glossary provides info and links to additional resources on these technologies and policies to scale up renewables.