Letter to The Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative calling for climate transparency

October 13, 2015By Hannah McKinnonBriefings, Featured, Resources

Oil Change International – October, 2015 Oil Change International joins hundreds of organizations worldwide that have written to the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) board calling on global reporting standards for extractive industries to include transparency from fossil fuel companies about the future viability of their oil, coal and gas projects in a warming world. Download the … Read More

A Convenient Lie: Why Fossil Fuel Supply Matters for the Climate

September 3, 2015By Steve KretzmannBlog Post, Briefings, Featured, Research & Opinions, Separate Oil and State 7 Comments

Over the past week, virtually every article on the President’s trip to Alaska to highlight the impacts of climate change, has in the next breath mentioned the President’s approval of Shell’s arctic drilling. The allegation made vocally by the environmental community is that these two things are deeply contradictory, and blatantly hypocritical. It’s an allegation … Read More

On the Edge: 1.6 million barrels per day of proposed tar sands oil on life support

May 29, 2015By Lorne StockmanBriefings, Reports, Resources 1 Comment

Oil Change International- May 2015 Download Briefing The Canadian tar sands is among the most carbon-intensive, highest-cost sources of oil in the world. Even prior to the precipitous drop in global oil prices late last year, three major projects were cancelled in the sector with companies unable to chart a profitable path forward. Since the … Read More