Response to Senate Energy Committee Hearing on Crude Export Ban

January 30, 2014By David TurnbullPress Releases

Lifting the crude oil export ban is an idea only the oil companies and their paid Representatives in Washington could love. Exporting US crude oil will immediately raise the price of oil in North America, raise profits for Big Oil, and thus increase dangerous drilling in our backyards and on our public lands. More drilling means more climate change, more pipeline spills, more rail car explosions, and more poisoned land and water.

Response to Governor Brown’s drought declaration in California

January 17, 2014By David TurnbullPress Releases

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 17 January 2014 Contact: David Turnbull, San Francisco — In response to Governor Brown’s drought declaration, David Turnbull, Campaigns Director of Oil Change International and the campaign, released the following statement: “The Governor’s drought declaration should be the final straw for fracking in the state. To frack for oil in … Read More

Crude Oil Export Ban: What You Need to Know

January 15, 2014By David TurnbullPress Releases

As the Chamber of Commerce releases their energy “policy” today and renews their call to overturn the crude oil export ban, here is what you need to know about the consequences of doing so, and Big Oil’s motivations in advocating for a policy reversal. A report on the crude oil export ban and why it should … Read More

Californians Submit 100,000 Public Comments Opposing Gov. Brown’s Dangerous Fracking Regulations

January 14, 2014By David TurnbullPress Releases 5 Comments

Sacramento, CA – In the wake of the driest recorded year in California’s history, concerned Californians submitted more than 100,000 public comments today denouncing Governor Brown’s proposed fracking regulations and urged him to ban the water-intensive drilling activity. At today’s event, Californians Against Fracking delivered boxes filled with tens of thousands of public comments to DOGGR while chanting, “Climate leaders don’t … Read More

RELEASE: Climate, Consumers, and Communities All at Risk If Crude Oil Export Ban is Lifted

January 7, 2014By David TurnbullPress Releases

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 7 January 2014 Contact: Steve Kretzmann, Oil Change International, steve [at] priceofoil [dot] org Climate, Consumers, and Communities All at Risk If Crude Oil Export Ban is Lifted WASHINGTON, DC — Reacting to statements from various industry sources and Senator Lisa Murkowski regarding lifting the crude oil export ban, Oil Change International … Read More

New analysis shows growing fossil reserves with a shrinking carbon budget

November 26, 2013By David TurnbullPress Releases

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 26 November 2013 Contact: Stephen Kretzmann, steve [at] priceofoil [dot] org New Oil Change International interactive graphic shows growing fossil fuel reserves in contrast to shrinking global carbon budget WASHINGTON, DC – New analysis by Oil Change International shows that global fossil fuel reserves continue to expand while the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate … Read More