The End of the Amazon

July 18, 2006By Andy RowellBlog Post 1 Comment

As if the UN Heritage Committee (see below) needed any further proof to act, British climate scientists are warning that the Amazon could disappear by the end of the Century because of climate change. New research from the world-renown Hadley Centre for Climate Prediction and Research, part of the Met Office, has shown how vulnerable … Read More

Ford: $2 Billion Investment to Develop “Green” Vehicles

July 17, 2006By Andy RowellBlog Post

The troubled car giant Ford has announced that it will spend nearly $2 billion on “green” technologies across its full range of vehicles, including Jaguar, Land Rover and Volvo. Under the plans, its best-selling Ford Focus will be able to deliver 70 miles per gallon with vastly reduced carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. Lewis Booth, Ford’s … Read More

Greens Slam G8 on Nukes and Climate

July 16, 2006By Andy RowellBlog Post

The G8’s Plan of Action on Global Energy Security is under fire from multiple directions, including Greenpeace, who argue the Plan will promote the proliferation of nuclear energy and weapons, the GRACE Policy Institute, who argue the Plan’s provisions for fuel efficiency and renewables don’t go far enough, and Oil Change International, who can’t understand … Read More

G8 Leaders Play Russian Roulette with Climate Chaos:

July 16, 2006By Andy RowellBlog Post 1 Comment

G8 Leaders released today a Communique and Plan of Action on Global Energy Security that will increase public support for the oil and fossil fuel industry and fuel global warming. The Plan, which emerges from the G8 Summit in Saint Petersburg, Russia, seeks to “create”, “maintain”, “encourage”, “expand” and “develop” hydrocarbon production, processing and transportation … Read More

BTC: An Epic Feat of Engineering?

July 14, 2006By Andy RowellBlog Post

It is “an epic feat of construction” that has been “has been hailed as the first engineering wonder of the 21st century”. This is how the right wing Daily Telegraph describes the Baku-Tblisi-Ceyhan pipeline that opened yesterday. At the ceremony yesterday yesterday attended by heads of state and hundreds of dignitaries, Lord Browne, the chief … Read More

Oxfam on G8: Failed on Climate

July 12, 2006By Andy RowellBlog Post

The development group Oxfam has castigated the efforts of the G8 on climate change in the run up to this week’s meeting, as “all talk no action”. Oxfam says that the focus on climate change at the G8 Summit at Gleneagles a year ago “was instrumental in raising public awareness of the issue. But the … Read More

Oil Addicts Find New Veins at BTC Pipeline Party

July 12, 2006By Andy RowellBlog Post 2 Comments

Over 45 Presidents, Foreign Minister and Energy Ministers from 30 countries will come together on 13 July in Ceyhan, Turkey, for the grand launch of BP’s Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan (BTC) pipeline. Campaigners who have monitored the BTC project have issued a press release charging BP and participating international financial institutions (IFIs) with failing affected communities and the … Read More