Our government should not be under the influence of Big Oil.

The greatest barriers to clean energy are political, not technical—and these barriers are largely fueled by the oil industry. We know that in order to achieve a clean energy future, we have to expose and eradicate the political influence of the oil industry; we have to achieve a separation of oil & state.

That’s why we’re telling the full story of the fossil fuel industry in the United States: that this industry is moving to more and more extreme sources of dirty energy, that the industry is distorting our democracy, and that they benefit from that distortion via subsidies, profits and exorbitant CEO salaries.

Over $114 million has been paid by the oil, gas and coal industries over the last decade to buy access and influence in Congress. And the 111th Congress is turning out to be the dirtiest yet.

Dirty energy companies are reaping huge returns on their investments in Congress, to the tune of billions of dollars in subsidies each year. All while they are expanding into ever more extreme areas using unsafe tactics.

The next step to ending our collective addiction to oil is reducing oil’s influence over our representatives and demanding political independence from Big Oil, and for our government to stop giving out handouts to help them push extreme fossil fuels.

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