Is Exxon changing its stance on climate change under new chairman Rex Tillerson?
That is the question posed yesterday by the New York Times. “If Rex W. Tillerson has his way, Exxon Mobil will no longer be the oil company that environmentalists love to hate … Mr. Tillerson has gone out of his way to soften Exxon's public stance on climate change”.

Check this out. Apparently Chevy is running an online contest to design a new ad - and hasn't gotten around to censoring the entries yet...

UPDATE: 3:15 eastern. The Ministry of Memory at Chevy has apparently swung into gear, and the video's gone now. It was a hilarious ad for an SUV with some pointed bits about global warming. You can add your own text to a Chevy ad at - just click on "enter the contest", and you get to play video editor and ad any text you want - FUN!

Great article on Alternet today by Chad Heeter about the amount of fossil fuels needed to make your average breakfast. According to Heeter "an average of over seven calories of fossil fuel is burned up for every calorie of energy we get from our food. This means that in eating my 400 calorie breakfast, I will, in effect, have 'consumed' 2,800 calories of fossil-fuel energy".

"But this is only an average" he continues. "My cup of coffee gives me only a few calories of energy, but to process just one pound of coffee requires over 8,000 calories of fossil-fuel energy --