All Bust, No Boom

July 11, 2017By Hannah McKinnonBlog Post, News 1 Comment

In a dramatic turn of events, it looks like all bust and no more boom for the Alberta tar sands, according to our recent analysis based on industry data. In reality, future rates of production will likely be insufficient to fill even one new pipeline.

Reality Check: The End of Growth in the Tar Sands

June 29, 2017By Hannah McKinnonBriefings, Featured, Reports, Resources

Oil Change International June 2017 Download the PDF Briefing. The Alberta tar sands are among the world’s largest oil reserves. While investment and expected growth in the industry have been high for the last decade, new industry data paints a dramatically different picture of the sector moving forward.  Key findings: Anticipated tar sands production growth is … Read More

A dangerous calculus

April 13, 2016By Hannah McKinnonBlog Post, Featured, News

Have you ever stopped to think about the moments that we were on the brink of something big? Something that we look back on and find it hard to imagine how it used to be? Cell phones are a good example, or smart phones – the iPhone has only been around since 2007. The internet … Read More

Evidence shows new pipelines will not solve Alberta’s economic woes or support a clean energy transition

April 7, 2016By Hannah McKinnonFeatured, News, Press Releases

April 7, 2016 For Immediate Release New pipelines from the Alberta to tidewater would do nothing to help Canada’s oil industry cope with low oil prices. Contrary to assertions made by the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers today and Natural Resources Minister Carr on Tuesday in interviews, there is no longer a sound economic argument … Read More