As we approach the General Election on July 4th, it is imperative that the future government has a clear and ambitious strategy to phase out UK fossil fuel production and use. Oil Change UK’s  latest analysis scrutinizes the manifestos of major parties, revealing a concerning lack of robust climate action.

During the first couple of weeks of this short campaign, party activists knocked on doors in the hottest spring on record. Then, as spring turned to summer, the rain began to fall, and is expected to continue as the wettest summer on record. And yet, there has been shockingly little on climate from the political parties vying for votes. 

In March, Oil Change International’s report, “Troubled Waters,” ranked the UK second-bottom among North Sea countries for oil and gas production policies. Using the same rubric, this manifesto analysis confirms that none of the major parties’ plans are fully aligned with the Paris Agreement, underscoring an urgent need for stronger climate commitments.

Key Findings:

  • Green Party: Leads in climate action, proposing significant measures for a just transition with the funding commitments to go alongside, but needs to enhance support for Global South countries.
  • Labour Party: Shows promise with regulatory reforms but lacks adequate funding to implement its climate agenda effectively.
  • Liberal Democrats: Offers some positive steps but falls short due to vague policy details and insufficient ambition.
  • Conservative Party: Worsens the UK’s climate performance with their commitment to annual licensing rounds, and gross misalignment in key areas.

Rosemary Harris, Oil Change International Senior Campaigner, said:
“Time is running out to address the climate crisis. The UK, once a Global North climate leader, must take bold, decisive action. The current manifestos fall short, and without immediate improvement, we risk catastrophic consequences for our planet. The climate crisis is our wake-up call. Our leaders must respond urgently, or we’ll find ourselves trapped in a burning house with no escape plan.

“It is critical for all parties to bolster their climate policies to safeguard our country’s future and the planet.”

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