In response to UN Secretary General Ant贸nio Guterres speech calling for a fossil fuel phaseout, David Tong, Oil Change International Global Industry Campaign Manager, said:聽

鈥淭oday, UN Secretary General Ant贸nio Guterres acknowledged one simple truth: The fossil fuel industry is the prime culprit behind the escalating climate crisis. Despite the urgent need to cut emissions, the industry continues to rake in huge profits while our planet burns.

鈥淲e must urgently phase out fossil fuels to avoid catastrophic climate impacts and the next 18 months are critical. Our recent report, Big Oil Reality Check, showed oil and gas companies 鈥 the climate arsonists fueling climate chaos 鈥 cannot be trusted to put out the fire.聽

鈥淚t’s time to hold the fossil fuel industry accountable for its role in driving climate chaos. Billions have been spent to distort the truth and delay action. Banning fossil fuel advertising as Guterres suggests is an obvious immediate step to take.

“Leaders must act with maximum ambition, cooperation, and urgency.聽 They must act to slash emissions, boost climate finance, and clamp down on the fossil fuel industry. This means G20 countries must lead the way, as they have the responsibility and capacity to make the most significant impact. For us to have a future, the oil and gas industry must have no future.”



  • I agree we must protect the environment. Getting rid of fossil fuels is a necessity for our future world to be a livable world!

  • Is the world finally about to wake to the catastrophic dilemma that awaits us all, if we choose not to act? What took soooooo long? Yes, it was an abundance of money that fabricated what the Fossil Fuel industry put forward, in order to nullify their participation in the continual possible destruction of our HOMES. The PLANET. The science was always there with undeniable proof, and displayed for us to see, but somehow PROFIT became more important then breathing clean air, or drinking clean water. We are still using our life giving Oceans, as cesspools of waste, in order to enhance the PROFIT picture of the Cruise Industry. Water treatment plants are a growing part of the landscape in every major city of this world. Their job is to try to purify our once uncontaminated water with Chemicals. They are in effect, using one contaminant to get rid of a more harmful contaminant, but nevertheless it is a contaminant that must be processed through our immune system. This continual processing is weakening our immune systems. Immune systems do not get better with age. Every living organism on this Planet has an immune system that is regulated to its’ life span. eg; Human 60-100 years. Horse about 30 years, Dog 15-18 years Meaning that there are just so many “CLICKS” to an individuals immune system. As all things in this ever changing world, we are subject to exceptions. For example an accident may take the life of a Human at age 25, but that is not attributed to the immune system. A faulty vital organ (heart, lung, kidney, liver.) that may take a life in prime years, is also not attributed to the immune system.

    When our most recent Pandemic occurred, our Government issued a statement that “Senior citizens are more prone to Death because they have compromised IMMUNE SYSTEMS. they did not go forward in their explanation, probably because they did not want to cause panic. The truth they began to illustrate is, that as we get older, we take more medication ( all man made medication is subject to the scrutiny of the immune system because they are generally made of chemicals.) When you are 20 years old you have not yet had a Heart Attack. but at 55 you did and must take medication for this malady. Similarly this is true with kidney, liver, respiratory, pancreatic and many other conditions, that may arise in the body over time. True also is that as we age, we may develop an Arthritic condition that can be relieve temporarily with medication. Most medication that are consumed today are only “TEMPORARY RELIEF” which means that we must take some of these medications for long periods of time, and sometimes for life. Like an Aspirin which in most cases will reduce your fever and give a respite to some joint swelling, that my relive the pain of an arthritic condition temporarily. But an Aspirin strength is only limited to hours not days. If you take Anticoagulants, and for some people it is necessary, as is Pharma bought INSULIN. The insulin your own body produces, is not subject to the scrutiny of the immune system, but the “man made” Insulin is, and you must take it or there are consequences.

    The point I am making here is that sometime we must take the lesser of two evils. Like taking Blood Pressure medication every day, in order to achieve the numbers necessary for ongoing health, at the expense of the longevity of the immune system. This we cannot change unless the Pharmaceutical Industry comes up with a CURE. A cure is something like a man made drug called An ANTIBIOTIC that that actually kills the bacteria that is try to kill you. The immune system allows the Antibiotic to work its’ magic but does some work in alleviating the possible side effect that may be present when consuming this drug. I could give you terrible headaches which the immune system will try alleviate, or it may give you diarrhea. The immune system then tries to give normal consistency to your bowel. The best part is that when the bacterial infection has been beaten, you STOP taking the medication. It is a genuine CURE. You may be required to take it again in the future because of contacting another bacterial infection, but after it does its’ job once again, you STOP taking the CURE. Please confer with your medical provider re the medication you are taking.

    The second and more important I want to make is that Those PROFiTTING from the constant POLLUTION and possible destruction
    of our Planet MUST be made to PAY the price (without possibility of claiming Bankruptcy) for all they have done in rapping this Countries Natural Resources without regard to the future. All this with the assistance of the Federal Government. Every Government for the last 50 years has known what what I have iterated here, so this is not news to them, the medical profession, the Banks who work in tandem with other Profiteers not to anyone who has an open and fair mind.
    This has been written by an unprejudiced, well traveled, educated, successful businessman of eight-five, with Children, Grandchildren and Great grandchildren, that i care about deeply. Who and what do you care about?

    Allan Weiss

    CC: Wew, Asl, Dy

  • Put all efforts in solar and fusion energy. Before 2035 we have fusion energy; and then must the wires and the rails be connected.

  • Thank you for your speech against fossil fuils and the need to find was to combat climate change before it is too late. I hope also that attention will be paid to the mistake that many places are cutting odiwn trees to “plant” solar panels. Other systems of eploying solat panel such as on the roofs of large stores and shopping malls and over parking buildings . ALso looking into creating bicycle paths on roads in cities, using electric school buses and town buses, encouraging people to buy EVs and to install solar on the roofs of their houses and barns. nd exploring the use of wind farms in coastal areas and the production of electricity from the tides of the sea. If convinced by results, many people may end up not only saving electricity by improving their health by the use of a bicycle or walking. Our scinetists are working on solutions every day. Your speech will encourage all of them. Thank you.

  • Remember fusion energy and superconducting; and that the wires and rails should be in place before 2035 or earlier. This means that vehicles should be driven like trains.

  • Thank you for posting my comment. I found the many other comments you posted excellent

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