In response to Biden’s executive order restricting the number of immigrants at the US-Mexico border, Allie Rosenbluth, Oil Change International US Program Manager, said: 

“With deadly heat waves, and other disasters escalated by the climate crisis, President Biden’s decision to shut down the southern border to people seeking refuge is cruel, unnecessary, and not a solution to displacement. We must adopt policies that transition our energy system away from fossil fuels, as well as create compassionate, orderly, and safe migration pathways for those who are displaced. President Biden is failing on both counts. We urge President Biden to reverse this harmful order, honor his 2020 promise of a dignified asylum system, and address the root causes of displacement.


  • There have been too many deaths from our border to this date. Babies have been removed from their parents. We are at fault. Drugs do not enter this way! The police and our government are the responsible parties! We needed to stop the killing!

  • Thank you for this compcat statement that says it all — and very well — and helps me know what to say.

  • The border is a furnace now and a quick transition for refugees must happen immediately. It’s the right thing to do especially when lives are at risk.

    Peter Anderson

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