Japan Energy Summit Deemed “Japan Greenwash Summit” In New Mock Website
Japanese Government and Industry Leaders to Gather in Tokyo June 3 – 5 “Proudly Derailing Japan’s Energy Transition by Prioritizing Profit Over Climate” 

The Japan Energy Summit is coming up on June 3 – 5 in Tokyo. Organized by Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI), leaders from Exxon, Tokyo Gas, JERA, BP and more will be talking about a transition to clean energy while undermining these efforts by increasing investments in the LNG and gas sectors. 

In anticipation of this major event (formerly called the Japan LNG & Gas Summit), several NGOs have released the Japan Greenwash Summit website, spoofing the actual Summit website, to highlight how Japan is financing dirty energy across the globe while claiming to be part of climate solutions.

“Browse thousands of energy products and solutions just rebranded to make the industry look good,” says the site. “With over 4,000 attendees expected, this event is a platform for sourcing solutions (or at least pretending to), showcasing “innovative” ideas and technologies to prolong fossil fuels (because who needs actual innovation when you can just slap a green label on it?)”

“Japan is bulldozing forward with so-called decarbonization projects that are furthering our dependence on fossil fuels,” said Mia Watanabe, Campaigner from Oil Change International. “We can’t let them get away with this. Countries with tremendous wealth and influence, such as Japan, have an obligation and responsibility to support a fair, fast and funded phase out of fossil fuels and to help speed the development of sustainable renewable energy solutions.”  

JERA, Japan’s largest power generation company and one of the world’s biggest LNG importers is highlighted on the mock site for being particularly destructive. Several JERA-financed projects are profiled, including the Freeport LNG terminal in the U.S. Gulf. which exploded two years ago emitting 120,000 cubic feet of toxic chemicals. The facility is still a ticking time bomb with a lack of proper safety precautions and has faced recent struggles to operate at full capacity. 

In the lead-up to the Summit, members of Fossil Free Japan in Tokyo are preparing photo actions with banners that say “No More Jurassic JERA,” calling attention to the destruction caused by the company, including its 154 million tons of annual CO2 emissions.  Download photos from the demonstrations here

We call on Japanese and all other financiers to reject the construction or expansion of LNG terminals here or anywhere,” said Melanie Oldham, Freeport resident and founder of Better Brazoria. “Despite the green-washing that so-called leaders will be peddling at the Japanese Energy Summit and beyond, we refuse to be a sacrifice zone for the global fossil fuel industry.” 

In another example of greenwashing, Japan is promoting the “Asia Zero Emissions Community” (AZEC) at the summit. AZEC relies on fossil fuel-based technologies, including LNG, co-firing of ammonia at coal power plants, blending of hydrogen at gas plants, and carbon capture and storage. These technologies prolong the use of coal and gas at a time when renewable energy solutions are reliable, available, and cheap. 

Also highlighted on the mock site is Japan’s financing of the Philippines’ first LNG import terminal, which is currently under investigation. The Japan Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC) is currently investigating a claim that it violated its own social and environmental safeguards with this project. The complaint, filed by Protect VIP, alleges that JBIC failed to monitor compliance with national laws and regulations. The developer AG&P (which received $100 million in financing from JBIC and Osaka Gas) recently received a $300 million investment by a US firm in January and is trying to develop 6 new LNG import terminals across Asia including in the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, and India.

Anjelica Dacanay from the Center for Ecology, Economy and Development in the Philippines, discussed the expansion of LNG in the Philippines, saying “LNG carries more problems than solutions for power cost and security issues we confront. Renewable energy is affordable and readily available in the country, as well as more environmentally friendly.

Japan Energy Summit sponsors BP and Exxon were recently found to be either “insufficient” or “grossly insufficient” when it comes to meeting the bare minimum Paris Agreement requirements to limit global heating below 1.5°C, according to Oil Change International’s latest  Big Oil Reality Check report. 

Activists are calling on the Japanese government and JERA to stop derailing the global transition to clean energy by ending financing and support for fossil fuel projects, including gas and LNG, and to work in partnership with communities to develop renewables-based energy systems.

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  • If what the Japanese, or any other Nation including the United States, do anything to diminish my families life span, I am totally against it. I do not care if they stand to loose money, because they must stop their continual breach of protecting HUMANITY for the Profits they anticipated. All Countries have been aware for decades, the pollution effect our Planet suffers every day from the criminal reluctance to end this apocalypse now and forever. Their many meetings promoting “Cleaner Energy” becomes utterly senseless, when behind closed doors at a different place and time, they make monetary provisions for more of the very same pollution that is contaminating the Air we Breathe and the Water we drink. We are not Deaf, Dumb or Blind. We get it. Do you?

    Just the considered unprejudiced opinion of a well traveled, educated, retired successful businessman of eighty-five years, with Children, Grandchildren and Great grandchildren who I care about deeply. Allan Weiss

    CC: Wew Asl, Dy.

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