In response to the government of Azerbaijan arresting Anar Mammadli’s, Romain IOUALALEN, Oil Change International Global Policy Campaign Manager, said: 

“In the wake of Anar Mammadli’s arrest, Azerbaijan’s repression of activists, human rights defenders, and journalists raises serious concerns as the country prepares to host COP29. We call on Azerbaijani authorities to immediately free Anar Mammadli, and drop the charges against him.

“Human rights and environmental defenders should have the right to speak out freely. Civic space and open debate are vital for addressing the climate crisis, yet as COPs increasingly convene in places with shrinking space for dissent, the promise of meaningful dialogue is jeopardized. 

“Following Azerbaijan’s recent comments supporting more investments in fossil fuels, these actions further cast doubt on the commitment of the COP29 host to a successful COP.  It is incumbent on the COP host to ensure the safety of human rights and environmental defenders and uphold the principles of open debate. Only through such measures can we forge a path towards a livable future.”

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