December 7, 2022

Collin Rees,

Oil Change International: Manchin’s newest dirty deal text is even worse than earlier versions — and we’ll stop it too

WASHINGTON, DC — On Wednesday, U.S. Senator Joe Manchin released proposed text for the newest iteration of his so-called ‘permitting reform’ legislation, better known to the public as his dirty deal. Manchin is now pushing for a vote on the bill as an amendment to the 2023 National Defense Authorization Act. 

The bill contains minor alterations from prior versions — almost all of which would would worsen the bill’s dangerous impacts — but is fundamentally the same legislation now twice rejected by Congress. Like previous versions, the proposed bill from Manchin would fast-tracked fossil fuel projects, including the Mountain Valley Pipeline, while shortening and limiting review processes for energy projects under the National Environmental Policy Act and other bedrock environmental laws. 

In response, Collin Rees, United States Program Manager at Oil Change International, released the following statement: 

“Mere hours after Congress rightly rejected his dirty pipeline deal, Joe Manchin is attempting yet again to force this deadly legislation that would endanger environmental justice communities. Communities under siege from pollution have already blocked this bill twice from advancing, and they’ll do it again as many times as needed. 

“Manchin’s desperate attempts to deliver the Mountain Valley Pipeline for his fossil fuel donors would be laughable if they weren’t so dangerous. This bill is a disaster, and Democratic leadership has openly acknowledged it is a favor to Manchin rather than a serious proposal grounded in the reality of our country’s energy needs. Fast-tracking giveaways to the fossil fuel industry is the opposite of climate leadership, and we won’t stop fighting to protect our communities and the climate.

“Compared to previous versions, this version of Manchin’s bill erodes the ability of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) to permit transmission infrastructure. If Manchin really cared about advancing transmission, it’s worth asking why he’s letting FERC Commission Richard Glick’s term expire and sending the agency into gridlock. This isn’t about transmission, it’s about fast-tracking fossil fuel projects for corporate profit.”


Notes to Editors

  • On Monday, over 750 climate, environmental justice, and progressive advocacy groups sent a letter to congressional leaders urging them to abandon Manchin’s dirty deal. 
  • On Tuesday, dozens of climate and environmental justice advocates rallied on Capitol Hill with Reps. Rashida Tlaib and Ro Khanna to oppose Manchin’s proposed legislation.
  • Manchin’s original proposal was withdrawn in September after it failed to secure the needed votes to pass with a continuing resolution to fund the government. His latest attempt was dropped this week following bipartisan opposition in Congress.