Oil Change International

September 2022

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A new publication released by Oil Change International debunks three main myths Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) has spread about the Mountain Valley Pipeline (MVP). The pipeline is already years behind schedule and billions over budget, lacks multiple key permits, and faces several lawsuits and federal reviews challenging its construction.

Manchin and his fossil fuel industry donors, already contributing over USD 700 million in coal, oil, and gas contributions to Manchin’s campaign during the 2022 election cycle alone, have made a host of bogus claims about MVP in an attempt to force the pipeline to completion in an effort that will trample communities, endanger climate commitments, and undermine environmental law.

This fact sheet reveals MVP will not alleviate Europe’s current energy crisis, is not needed in the Southeast U.S. as demand for gas is expected to decrease over the next decade, and that the project will increase U.S. greenhouse gas emissions over the next decade.

Read the fact sheet.

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  • MVP is not required for the energy crisis most of the world is facing! MVP is degrading the one Earth we have and with this further insinuates us into the climate devastation we are destined for! Fund renewables and cut us off from fossil fuels!!!!

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