November 1, 2021

Collin Rees,

Oil Change International Response to U.S. President Joe Biden Speech at COP26

GLASGOW — Today, U.S. President Joe Biden attended the COP26 climate negotiations in Glasgow, Scotland, and spoke to attendees on the United States’ plans to address the climate crisis.

Prior to his speech, hundreds of COP26 attendees rallied nearby, including dozens of representatives from communities on the frontlines of fossil fuel extraction in the United States impacted by Biden’s refusal to block fossil fuel expansion through executive action. Pictures are available here

Oil Change International recently released new research analyzing at least 24 pending fossil fuel projects awaiting permit decisions from the Biden Administration, which collectively represent more than 1.6 gigatons of potential greenhouse gas emissions. This list of projects includes oil and gas pipelines such as the Line 3 and Dakota Access pipelines, and liquified natural gas (LNG) export terminals. Biden could stop these projects immediately through executive action, with no constraints from the U.S. Congress. 

In response to Biden’s speech, Oil Change International U.S. Program Manager Collin Rees released the following statement: 

“President Biden’s claim that the U.S. is ‘leading by example’ is a slap in the face to communities suffering daily from the impacts of the climate crisis and fossil fuel extraction. It’s long past time for our politicians to listen to these true climate leaders and end the era of fossil fuel production with a just transition.

“Biden’s talk of climate leadership will ring hollow until he takes executive action to limit the United States’ plans for devastating fossil fuel expansion. For the U.S. to play a helpful role at the UN climate talks, Biden must end fossil fuel subsidies, stop oil and gas expansion, drastically reduce emissions, and massively scale up climate finance for adaptation and loss and damage.”