December 3, 2020

Hannah McKinnon, hannah [at]

Danish Announcement Sends Clear Signal: Climate Leadership Means End to Fossil Fuel Expansion

The Danish Government just announced the cancellation of the 8th North Sea licensing round, a ban on future offshore licencing (following an onshore ban in 2018), and a ban on all offshore production by 2050. Hannah McKinnon of Oil Change International responded as follows:

“Denmark’s announcement marks a bold milestone on the way to a phase-out of North Sea oil production. This is a clear signal that climate leadership means an end to fossil fuel expansion and the start of a just transition and managed decline of all production.

The announcement that Denmark will end all production by 2050 makes them the first significant producer to announce a phase-out of all oil and gas production. This is a move that should be celebrated, built on, and accelerated. Wealthy, diversified economies like Denmark must act even faster to wind down oil and gas production, whilst supporting affected workers and communities and countries where the transition will be more challenging.

Next, it will be critical to ensure that the details are airtight and that there are no loopholes for the fossil fuel industry to exploit.

2021 must kick off a decade of unprecedented ambition and we look forward to Denmark and other leaders leveraging their national actions into international momentum towards a 1.5ºC-aligned wind down of oil and gas production.”

(Costa Rica, Ireland, France, Spain, New Zealand, Portugal, and Belize along with other subnational jurisdictions are at varying stages of banning oil and gas expansion.)


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