February 12, 2020

Hannah McKinnon, hannah [at] priceofoil [dot] org

Oil Change International responds to latest BP climate plan

Earlier this morning, BP’s new chief executive, Bernard Looney, revealed the company’s latest plans to invest in “low-carbon businesses.” In response, Hannah McKinnon, Director of the Energy Transition and Futures Program at Oil Change International released the following statement:

“BP’s plan is the latest industry spin insisting that Big Oil has ‘seen the light’ on climate, only to distract us from real solutions. BP is not committing to what’s needed, which is a rapid phase-out of oil and gas production in line with climate justice and climate science.

“Instead, BP continues to invest massively in looking for and expanding into new fossil fuel reserves. This keeps them on the wrong side of history.

“There is no more time for half measures and PR, and no room for new investment in fossil fuels, including gas. This decade must be one of radical transformations in the energy sector, with an immediate shift of all finance out of fossil fuels and a just and ambitious transition away from production. Some commentary suggests that BP now leads the pack on climate among its peers, but being better than the worst is nothing to celebrate. Big Oil and Gas are unwilling to plan the phase-out of their own deadly business model, which is why it will come down to people-powered movements to force the change we need to see.”