9 January 2020

Rebecca Concepcion Apostol, rebecca [at] priceofoil [dot] org
David Turnbull, david [at] priceofoil [dot] org

Oil Change International response to Trump’s gutting of NEPA

Today, the Trump administration unveils new actions intending to undermine requirements under the National Environmental Policy Act that climate change impacts of projects be factored into environmental reviews. In response, Rebecca Concepcion Apostol, U.S. Program Director at Oil Change International, released the following statement:

“Today, Trump is taking a chainsaw to a bedrock environmental law that has protected Americans for decades. This is a reckless, dangerous, blatant gift to the fossil fuel industry that will have dire consequences for all of us. 

“If Trump’s favorite fossil fuel projects were judged with our climate crisis in mind, they would be rejected outright. So he’s doing what he does best – bullying the American public by tearing up common sense laws and regulations to pave the way for his Big Oil friends to run roughshod on our communities.

“From the typhoons in Asia to the wildfires in Australia, we’re already seeing the devastation ignoring the climate crisis brings. Every decision we make impacts our ability to stave off worsening climate impacts. Today’s destructive actions by Trump, if not blocked by the courts or immediately reversed by the next president, will have reverberations for decades to come.”