Sign-On Letter: 200+ Groups Say G20 Nations and Multilateral Development Banks Must Stop Funding Fossils


December 2017

Download the full sign-on letter.

On the eve of the One Planet Summit in Paris, France, as governments and stakeholders gather to discuss the urgent need for climate finance, over 200 civil society groups released a letter being sent to leaders of multilateral development banks, including the World Bank, and leaders of G20 governments.

The letter calls for multilateral development banks and G20 governments to commit to phase out subsidies and public finance for fossil fuels as soon as possible, except in extreme cases where there is clearly no other viable option for increasing energy access to the poor. This total phaseout should be achieved by no later than 2020.

Signatories including Oil Change International, Les Amis de la Terre – Friends of the Earth France, Christian Aid, Greenpeace, Reseau Action Climat – Climate Action Network France, WWF International, BankTrack, Climate Action Network International, Global Witness,, Germanwatch, Natural Resources Defense Council, CIDSE, and the Asian Peoples Movement on Debt and Development were part of more than 200 organisations from over 55 countries around the world who signed the letter.

Click here to download the letter and full list of signers.


  • Excellent work!

    This should go to all large banks and investment institutions, asking for a response.

    After the French conference the letter should go to all world governments, asking for a response.

  • Start funding renewable energy lets start recognising this is a waste of money and no good for the climate.

  • Good job, guys! Your win with the World Bank sends waves of hope out to all who are fighting for their lives in all the other causes.
    Lots of love and admiration,
    Carol Wyndham

  • We are fast running out of time to avert the worst effects of climate change. All financing of Fossil Fuel projects by major financial institutions must be stopped immediately. There is no Planet B, this Earth is all we’ve got and we’d better realise that sooner rather than later!!.

  • Excellent . Now this must be done on a global scale , urgently .And shift to %100 clean and *safe energy ( nuclear is not clean nor safe ). If we do , we will reverse much of the damage done over the past century , improve our health and the health of all life including the planet , and with this teamwork global healing can begin & then Global Unity and true progress becomes a possibility 😉 #thebigpicture , #GlobalUnity

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