C: Martin Falbisoner
C: Martin Falbisoner

Early this morning, the Senate passed a tax overhaul bill riddled with tax breaks for wealthy individuals and corporations, more handouts to fossil fuels, and provisions that would imperil health coverage for millions.

In response, Janet Redman, U.S. Policy Director of Oil Change International, released the following statement:

“While even more troubling revelations have come out regarding the Trump administration’s dealings with foreign powers, the Senate has taken shameful action to ram through President Trump’s abhorrent tax bill.

“This disaster of a tax bill will transfer more wealth from the pockets of American families to the bank accounts of billionaires and big corporations. It will dramatically increase inequality and further corrupt our democracy, feeding more dollars to fossil fuel companies and the ultra-wealthy, which they will pour into elections to maintain their grip on Washington.

“By writing even more giveaways to Big Oil into the tax code, this bill only serves to further starve the public purse. The kicker is that the GOP’s generosity to the dirty energy industry in the tax bill stands in stark contrast to their reticence to fully fund climate disaster relief for Harvey, Irma and Maria victims. This isn’t reform, it’s a rip off.”

Janet Redman, janet [at] priceofoil.org, 508-340-0464
David Turnbull, david [at] priceofoil.org, 202-316-3499

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  • Well said. Do you have suggestions of what to say to congresspeople in the House? Sadly, mine is strongly in favor of it.

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