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Oil Change International Responds to Trump Efforts to End DACA

On Tuesday, the Trump administration announced its intentions to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program in six months, barring any action from Congress. In response, Janet Redman, US Policy Director for Oil Change International, which also sponsors, released the following statement:

“This move by the Trump administration will upend the lives of nearly a million young people in the United States. It is a cruel, shortsighted, and disastrous decision that further exposes this administration’s true colors of white supremacy, bigotry and xenophobia.

“While residents of the Gulf Coast grapple with the impacts of Hurricane Harvey and those in Puerto Rico and Florida prepare for Hurricane Irma, the ending of DACA highlights the multi-pronged perils facing immigrant communities in the United States. Whether it’s climate impacts, pollution from the fossil fuel industry, or racist anti-immigration policy, immigrants are on the front lines. We stand with the Dreamers and their families against the hateful actions by this administration and call on Congress to right this wrong with permanent protections for all immigrants.

“Dreamers, their families, and allies are taking the bold action that is sorely needed across the country today to fight for permanent protection and dignity for all, including walking out of schools, marching from the White House to ICE, and shutting down traffic in front of Trump tower.”

For information on actions to Defend DACA, see