Today, with a number of our partner organizations in the US and Canada, we’re unveiling the Climate Test. This is a proposal being delivered jointly to President Obama and Prime Minister Trudeau calling on them to align their governments’ energy policy and decision-making with the demands climate science has laid out for us and the international climate agreements our leaders have forged.

This test is actually not new; in fact President Obama has implemented it himself already in consideration of the Keystone XL pipeline. When he made his major climate speech at Georgetown University in June of 2013, he said:

“Our national interest will be served only if this project does not significantly exacerbate the problem of carbon pollution.  (Applause.)  The net effects of the pipeline’s impact on our climate will be absolutely critical to determining whether this project is allowed to go forward.  It’s relevant.”

Canada’s new Prime Minister Trudeau has also promised a climate test when it comes to reviewing major infrastructure projects like pipelines, a commitment that was reiterated just weeks ago.

We support this kind of leadership on both sides of the border – as long as it is ambitious and robust enough to match our promises and the climate’s needs.. We must consider the climate when making energy policy decisions. That’s why we’ve worked with our partners to elaborate this idea further and are excited to be putting it out into the world today.

The climate test we are unveiling today calls on our governments to use the latest climate science to evaluate all proposed energy supply and demand policies and projects in light of the globally agreed goal of limiting global warming to 1.5?C, informed by the spirit of global cooperation that made Paris successful.

In other words, we’re demanding a reorientation of how we currently assess proposed fossil fuel projects. We’re calling on our leaders to base our fossil fuel project decision-making on an assumption of success in meeting our climate objectives, rather than an assumption of failure.

Right now, our energy policy is based on an outdated model that suggests business as usual for years to come and thus continued burning of fossil fuels at levels that would mean climate catastrophe. Commonly used energy projections such as the EIA’s Reference Case, the IEA’s Current or New Policies Scenario, or energy outlooks produced annually by oil companies such as Exxon or BP, would see fossil fuel use leading to between 4 and 6 degrees Celsius of warming. Make no mistake, a world with 4 to 6 degrees Celsius of warming would be one we would barely recognize, let alone inhabit safely.

Yet, just a few months ago in Paris, world leaders adopted the important aim of limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius. This was an important achievement and marks a pivotal moment in the fight to save the climate. But if we are actually going to meet that goal, it’s far past time we started acting like it.

The Climate Test demands, quite simply, that President Obama and Prime Minister Trudeau show the leadership required to make the lofty goals from the Paris Agreement a reality.

The science behind limiting warming to 2?C is clear. The vast majority of proven fossil fuel reserves must be kept in the ground and we must decarbonize our economies no later than 2050. For 1.5?C we must go even further, faster.

We must assume success in achieving our climate safety objectives, and work from that assumption when assessing proposed fossil fuel projects. We must apply the climate test.

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  • There is No Atmospheric Budget of Carbon, Methane, or Nuclear !

    by Lowana Veal, Al Jazeera, November 23, 2015

    Reykjavik, Iceland – Over the past year, a number of giant, mysterious holes have emerged in Siberia, some as deep as 200 metres.

    Scientists say the craters may be emerging because the frozen ground, or “permafrost,” that covers much of Siberia has been thawing due to climate change.

    Allowing methane gases trapped underground to build up and explode !

    Permafrost is ground that is permanently frozen, where the ground temperature has remained below 0 °C (32 °F) for at least two years. It covers about a quarter of the northern hemisphere’s land surface.

    “Permafrost soils contain vast amounts of carbon, nearly twice as much as is currently in the atmosphere.

    As the permafrost thaws in a warming climate, the soil decomposes and releases carbon to the atmosphere as carbon dioxide and methane. These are greenhouse gases, and they warm the Earth even more.

    This leads to more permafrost thawing, more carbon release, and so the cycle continues,” Chadburn said.

    At the recent Arctic Circle Assembly in Reykjavik, Iceland, Max Holmes from the US-based Woods Hole Research Center (WHRC) said in a presentation that the Siberian sinkholes “are an additional indication that vast changes are under way in the Arctic.”

    We must Stop the Koch bros,Warren Buffets, and their Fossil Fuel allies from FUKUSHIMIATIZING Us !

    Greenland is Melting and Calving Now, Jonas just went over Greenland at above Freezing Temps, for the first Time.

    “And for the Winter of 2016 it’s possible that the Arctic may never experience typical conditions.

    For, according to NOAA, the first half of February saw this record, Spring-like, warmth extend on through today.

    It’s as if these coldest zones in the Northern Hemisphere haven’t yet experienced Winter

    — as if the freak storm that drove Arctic temperatures to record levels during late December has, ever since, jammed the thermometer into typical April levels and left it stuck there. ” Robert Scribbler

    Greenland has 20 Feet of Sea Level Rise !

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    Each 1C. Temp Rise, Atmospheric Moisture increases 7%

    We have increased Temp 1.4C. and Climbing

    1850 ppm Carbon 270

    1980 ppm carbon 350

    2015 ppm of Carbon 404 and Rising

    What will the ppm of Carbon be when Greenland All Melts ?

    Diablo Nuclear, San Onofre Fuel Rods, and All Nuclear needs to be relocated to 3000 feet above Sea Level

    Over 3 Million Years of Waxing and Waning From the Poles, with the Arctic Keeping North America Cool, Now it is Greenland Because of Fossil Fuels !

    Massive Sea Life Die Off on Pacific and Atlantic Coast !

    Pacific and Atlantic Oceans 4 – 18 degrees warmer than Normal

    Antarctica has 200 feet of Sea Level Rise

    Arctic Region Warming Twice as fast as the rest of the planet !

    Over 400 Nuclear Reactors at Sea Level Now !

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