February 10, 2016


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BP energy outlook “not credible” – Oil Change International response

Today, BP launched its Energy Outlook, an annual forecast of global energy trends over the coming decades. In response to its assertion that oil and gas will continue to dominate global energy systems for the coming decades, Greg Muttitt of Oil Change International commented:

“This is a story of how an oil and gas company predicts the rosy prospects of oil and gas companies. BP would like us to believe that government action on climate will fail, that clean technologies will fizzle, and that the future of energy will still be based on the carbon fuels of the past.

Every year, BP has predicted that the growth in renewable energy will slow down, and each time it has been wrong. This year, again it massively downplays renewables, estimating they will provide a mere 15% of world electricity in 2030 – in spite of wind and solar achieving grid parity in most of the world, and in spite of government action arising from the Paris Agreement.

Dressed in a veneer of concern about climate change, in fact BP’s outlook is a public relations exercise, designed to boost fossil fuels and undermine public faith in clean alternatives. Meanwhile it deflects responsibility to government or to coal companies, to distract from its own extraction of oil and gas.

This is not a credible view of the future of energy.”

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