In response to Royal Dutch Shell’s announcement that they will end exploration in the U.S. offshore Arctic for the “foreseeable future”, Oil Change International has released the following statement from Executive Director Stephen Kretzmann:

“This is a great day for the Arctic, the climate, and for everyone around the world that has worked so hard to protect them. From First Nations and communities on the front lines of climate change in Alaska, to Kayaktavists in Seattle and Portland – this chapter has a happy ending in no small part thanks to people power.

Arctic oil has no role in a climate safe world – and the hunt for this high cost, high risk, high carbon fuel was a sad example of how far Big Oil, and their friends in government, will go to cling to last century’s dirty energy. The Obama Administration should immediately move to cancel all future planned lease sales in the Arctic Ocean. Enough is enough.

So long Shell, don’t hit an iceberg on your way out.”

For more details on why Arctic oil and a safe climate cannot coexist, please see, Untouchable Arctic: The climate case against arctic drilling, released by Oil Change International and Greenpeace in July.