Screen Shot 2015-08-12 at 10.12.20 AMOil Change International and Greenpeace U.S. – August 2015


There is a clear logic that can be applied to the global challenge of addressing climate change: when you are in a hole, stop digging. If we are serious about tackling the global climate crisis, we need to stop exploring, expanding, and ultimately exploiting fossil fuels. This is especially true for high cost, high carbon, high risk frontier projects such as offshore Arctic oil. 

While the Obama Administration has been clear on its commitment to climate action, they continue to allow companies like Royal Dutch Shell to sink billions of dollars in the hunt for unburnable carbon in the U.S. Arctic Ocean off the coast of Alaska. This report lays bare the case that Arctic oil is wholly irreconcilable with stated national and international objectives to address climate change. Put very simply: Arctic oil fails the climate test. 

Download the report here. 


  • I totally agree and because of oil drilling more environmental disasters have occurred that have destroyed delicate ecosystems that hurt everyone’s health, speed climate change and cause animals and sea critters to extinction.

  • I think a factor that is overlooked in the Arctic Oil Rush (Klondike Gold Rush) is that this is a ‘Big Oil’ source i.e. a large supply source of oil. The kind of big supply of oil necessary to fight a big war. A WW2 sized war.

    A ‘Big War’ requires thousands of warships, tens of thousands of planes, tanks, trucks etc. America during WW2 was an oil exporter but now we import. A large supply oil source would allow stockpiling on a massive scale and make a medium sized and smaller conflicts more feasible. Oil supplies are tight and wars drive up gas prices didn’t you know? A new large supply source instantly changes the flexibility limitations for military conflict for both superpowers as well as their peacetime economics of course. If and when they discover oil up there, there is little likelihood that they will not want to exploit it.

    In short… the planet will be toast. If the Arctic Oil Rush inspires a new era of cheap oil once again… the planet will be a cinder in short order (figuratively of course).

    I pity the young. No joke.

  • It’s so clear that the greedy rich are destroying the planet regardless of what they leave behind even to their own children. Sick , selfish human beings.

  • People who are really concerned about our environment need to make noise. The squeaky wheel leaves the oil where it belongs!!!!

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