In response to the election results from Alberta, Canada (home of the tar sands), and the sweeping victory by the New Democratic Party, Oil Change International Senior Campaigner Hannah McKinnon issued the following statement:

“This is a biting new reality for Big Oil in Alberta, which has been used to the government acting as its mouthpiece and cheerleader for decades. Albertans are clearly ready for something more – and they proved it at the polls by decisively evicting a dynasty government that has built its legacy around being a one trick tar sands pony.

This is people power taking the reigns and demanding something better for our shared future. Albertans have elected a government that sounds serious about a just and stable transition towards energy and economic diversification, replacing a government that would have followed Big Oil off of a cliff.

Now it is time for President Obama to send another clear signal that reckless tar sands expansion is coming to an end by rejecting – once and for all – the Keystone XL pipeline. “


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  • Congratulations AB, now if only the great state of Utah would see the light!

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