18 April 2014

Contact: Steve Kretzmann, Oil Change International, steve [at] priceofoil [dot] org

Oil Change International response to extension of review period for Keystone XL decision

WASHINGTON, DC —In response to reports of the Obama administration’s plans to extend the review period regarding the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline, Stephen Kretzmann, Executive Director of Oil Change International released the following statement:

“We’re heartened to hear the Administration is taking the time to make this decision that they need, and we remain confident that they will conclude that this dirty pipeline clearly fails the President’s climate test. Despite the industry’s multi-million dollar effort to distort the facts, the truth remains that Keystone XL would promote the increased production of the dirtiest oil on the planet.

This announcement means that tar sands producers will continue to face uncertainty regarding how to get their dirty oil to market, and that will only continue to slow investment in this dirty, dangerous oil. Every day the pipeline isn’t built is a good day for our communities and the climate. But the decision on Keystone has been clear from the start — it’s a disaster for the climate and our communities and it’s time to reject it once and for all.

While the oil industry and their paid Representatives in Congress are likely to scream, its worth keeping in mind that just yesterday, the Energy Information Administration announced that crude oil inventories on the Gulf Coast are at record levels.* America has more than enough oil – what is needed now is far greater investment in clean energy and the political will to stand up to Big Oil. We remain optimistic that the President can and will demonstrate both.”




  • If anyone knows what is going on with Keystone, it is our govt. So, quit stalling ant say no…or you will live to regret will your kids and their kids…

  • We need to invest in clean energy, to go forward with the pipeline to send dirty tar sand oil to the gulf coast to send to China is a risk to all Americans.

  • I cannot express to in words how vehemently opposed to this pipeline I am. The fact that it is even still a topic of consideration has ma angry as hell and I promise you that if this or any administration does not put an end to ALL environmentally detrimental work on this planet I will fight you tooth and nail with every recourse available to me.
    You are literally threatening my children and my grand children’s future and that is UNACCEPTABLE from any perspective.
    I thought we had a champion in President Obama in regards to the environment but now I am not so sure.
    You KNOW this project is BAD for all of us so stop playing with our future and shut this shit down NOW!

  • The pipeline will be a disaster for us. Carrying dirty oil and tar sands will affect negatively across the country. I know all the politicians want they will be bribed with to approve the pipeline. Maybe if they have a conscience (questionable) they will vote no. If they approve and say yes every time they are up for reelection if they want to remain in Congress they must permit the to run through their residence. If they chose not to don’t reelect them. We have a voice. It doesn’t appear they are listening we have to say No! Explain that your children when they don’t have clean water or clean air.

  • this pipeline WILL destroy so much of our country. It has already destroyed many other parts. You… WE cannot trust these oil people. We have to stay strong and fight for our beautiful country.

  • Please don’t allow the XL pipeline to be built. There are so many of us who value our wildlife and ecology and common sense tells us that it will be bad for the animals and our water and other resources. Please listen to our pleas…

  • i can´t express longer how I feel. It´s so terrible and awful and and and.. When money reigns…

  • There can be no question about whether the pipeline should or should not be allowed. Just as important is the fact that the majority opposes it. That should be the end of it.

  • 6 years ago I started warning people about these pipelines and everyone said the same thing you can’t stop it but here it is 6 years later and it’s still not through keep up the good fight people everyone makes a difference NOKXL

  • One spill will destroy the largest most important aquifer in the United States of America !

  • Sen. Warner says he favors “all of the above on energy policy.” If that means he favors permitting 800,000 bbl/day of bituminous slurry from the Tar Sands, then he has lost my vote in his current campaign for re-election. KXL is a climate bomb accelerating tide rise. Already Norfolk has such rise, with a foot of water forcing commuters to change routes. If he caves to Transcanada and the Kochs, he is out of step with all Virginians, and particularly Tidewater.

  • Dear Jan,This week, Rep. -will vote on a bill that includes a meurase to open the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to oil drilling. The Arctic Refuge is our greatest wilderness icon and is home to caribou, polar bears, and hundreds of bird species that migrate to all 50 states and six continents. It’s a pristine, intact ecosystem that is unparalleled in North America, and for the first time in six years, pro-drilling Representatives are pushing to open this amazing place to Big Oil’s dirty, dangerous drills.There are some places in this country that are just too extraordinary to drill, and the Arctic Refuge is one of them – Rep. Payne needs to hear from you before this important vote.Please call Rep. -at (202) 225-3436 today and ask him to vote against drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and HR 7 the American Energy and Infrastructure Jobs Act (also known as the Transportation bill.) Where is the petition for this?

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