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31 March 2014

Exxon to World:  Drop Dead
Oil Company Believes World Will Fail To Limit Climate Change to Safe Levels

WASHINGTON, DC —ExxonMobil released its carbon asset risk reports on Monday, in response to investor demand.

“If you haven’t yet had the pleasure of reading these reports, let me offer you a shorter version: Exxon to World: Drop Dead,” said Stephen Kretzmann, Executive Director of Oil Change International.

Exxon’s report, “Energy and Carbon – Managing the Risks” flatly states “we do not anticipate society being able to supplant traditional carbon- based forms of energy with other energy forms, such as renewables, to the extent needed to meet this carbon budget”.

Oil Change International Executive Director Stephen Kretzmann’s responded with the following:

“ExxonMobil is saying it doesn’t believe governments will keep their internationally agreed commitments to limit climate change to safe levels. This should not come as any surprise. Of course they don’t believe governments are going to address climate change adequately — they are in fact betting billions on the failure of climate and clean energy policy.  And they’re shoring up their bet by buying politicians and spending millions to sow doubt and promote inaction.

Still, these reports represent the beginning of the next phase of the climate fight.  Exxon is no longer ignoring or denying climate science.  Now it is denying that the American people and people around the world have the will and the power to change our futures and save our children.  

They are wrong and we look forward to proving it to them.”

Together with the Other 98% and Environmental Action, Oil Change International runs the “Exxon Hates Your Children” campaign, targeting the billions in government subsidies Exxon and other fossil fuel companies receive each year. More can be found at




  • With all the bad change that is going on why are we not taking more aggressive action to secure a better future? Is it really all about short lived money and greed?

  • Since this climate change is such crap they are correct. We won’t change. It’s all baloney

  • NZ could be 100% sustainable in energy tomorrow and I’m pushing for that.

  • Don’t you think that “tomorrow” is just a bit “dreamland Sue Pugmire. Try more like 50 to 100 years for maybe 75% to 80% and you might get more people prepared to believe you. I personally don’t believe there is enough will in the people to make it happen any sooner. Don’t blame the giant oil companies like Exxon. They are only supplying a product that we as consumers are demanding from them. If they stop then we will simply buy from the next supplier untill it is no longer available or the alternatives become more viable than they are now.

  • The best way to prove it to Exxon is not to buy their product:
    – it removes the profits, if you have no sales
    – it helps the climate not to use their products

  • Gee….who will I believe on climate change…..hmm….will it be 97% of climate scientists or those who profit from oil & gas….I think its a no brain-er really. Y’all didn’t think that Gore just thought it all up suddenly 10 yrs back just to annoy you, did you? Because this science has been around since the early 70’s. Its been pretty much proven to be true. And the ONLY ones who will lose in it are the fossil fuel giants. The rest of us win..

  • Anyone who doesn’t believe there is climate change is in denial. It’s happening.

  • As long as you little babies sit and wait for someone else to fix anything it will get worse. Fact: get your coward butts up and fight or this world will keep getting worse!

  • Klaus is right. We stop buying their product, they go out of business. It’s that simple.

  • All the scientists of the U.N. got together and
    are in one big conspiracy theory???…OMG. How dense can you be. Denial is usually from fear…we can still change things..but not for long.

  • We were talking about climate change when I was in high school in the early 70s in our environmental action club. I find it hard to believe a majority of people still deny climate change. These are the same type of people who denied what the Nazis were capable of. 6,000,000 deaths later it was too late. Now the scale is much larger.

  • Germany now gets over 50% of their energy needs via solar power. Why are we giving oil companies billions of dollars in subsidies? Are we self destructive? Oh yeah it’s corrupt politicians. These corporations will do anything to stay in business. There is no reason or morality or sense to it. They need to be criminalized.

  • To be perfectly honest, I don’t think governments have the wherewithal to meet the carbon commitments, either. That doesn’t mean I disagree with climate science, I just think economics will continue to trump it for another generation or so. We’re too deeply entrenched to make the kinds of dramatic changes that are needed.

  • We need to adopt a new credo: “I believe in the separation of church, state and corporations”.

  • Even if you force every Westerner at gunpoint to not use one goddamned drop of oil, one billion Chinese are about to come online and start consuming oil, offsetting nothing.

    Why is the left addicted to fighting losing battles?

  • For those trying to apologize for the oil companies especially Exxon I worked industrial construction for 20 of the thirty years I was an electrician I traveled and worked in over 20 states over the years and I had the misfortune of spending 3 of those year5s working at exxon’s oil refinery in Baton Rouge La. they are an odious company and are not simply supplying a needed commodity to consumers.They have and are conspiring to artificially inflate the price of oil. Remember the distasteful stories of company’s threatening their employee’s with loss of jobs if elections didn’t go as they wished. Exxon did that in 1977 and no doubt ever since. I’m not talking about an abstract threat it was a direct threat with a number that would be laided off if their man didn’t win

  • The proof of climate disruption is in the drastic weather extremes, sea level rises, melting at the polar ice caps, disappearance of glaciers, disruption of insect, plant budding, blooming and bird migrations. We have the technology, science, engineering, raw material and people to transition to renewable energy without fossil fuel or nuclear power. What is stopping us, is the corrupt politicians bought off by the fossil fuel, nuclear power and centralized electricity industries. The proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences from Feb. 26. 2013 in Chicago, Jacobson and Delluchi laid out their plan for all 50 of the United States of America to power America 100% with wind, water and the sun by 2050. Contrary to the propaganda of the Big Energy Lobby, “we will not starve and freeze in the dark” or “wreck our economy.” Just look at Germany. They are shutting down all of their nuclear power plants by 2022 and will be off of fossil fuel by 2050. If the Germans can do it, we can do it.

  • ken douglas,we,who are you saying we,from my perspective,we don,t want fracking poisoning us!750 toxic chemicals pumped into the ground,we want solar and windmills,one windmill alone on the coast supplies 500,000 homes,please enough of your greedy propaganda!

  • another idiot talks of china using oil so we should just keep poisoning our resources,oil all along our east coast and dispersents for our children to walk in and swim in! government releases toxic fracking reports,states toxic chemicals cannot be cleaned up!

  • Regardless of your beliefs on climate change, I implore you all to watch the documentary “the black wave”. It deals with the aftermath of the Exxon Valdez and what Exxon did to the town of Cordova Alaska. I’ll warn you it is very depressing but a necessity to see just how immoral of a company Exxon is. Believe nothing they tell you especially when they say “we’ll make you whole”.

  • Well Exxon would say that,wouldn’t they?It’s in their interests to lie,distort and spread doubt about climate change.

  • This article is so slanted and misrepresented it’s hard to believe people are not just laughing.

  • Giving billions if not millions of our tax dollars to green companies that go belly up as fast as they can cash the check is not the way to get off of oil. Government should not be investing monies in companies, period. They should be setting up an environment so entrepreneurs can succeed in developing green companies.

  • Bryan is right. Don’t expect change from the elites. It’s a complete waste of time appealing to them, for the simple fact that the nature of human beings is that they only change when they’re stressed to the point of having little choice. The fat cats have no incentive because they’re all very comfortable thank you very much, and getting more comfortable by the moment. If we leave it up to them, we’re f*cked.

  • I just want to thank the GOP for deregulating big oil so , as they said, completion would bring the price down. I also want to thank my politicians from both parties for doing absolutely NOTHING about big oil ripping us off while making 30-45 billion every year in profits – and getting tax breaks. God I just love capitalism.

  • I can read between the lines of this corporate speak. It’s clearly PR, but it reveals their weak spot. They’re arguing against a strong carbon tax, saying how it will hurt the poor. Yeah, since when are Exxon Mobil execs so concerned about the poor? Their statement is propaganda and its reasoning is flawed. It’s rather totally BS to be honest. Mainly, their economic forecast related to a strong carbon tax is so basically flaws as to be laughable if the situation weren’t so serious. Their estimate of cost to the average family is based on no behavior change, yet it’s very clear from British Columbia’s experience that behavior dies change greatly for the better with a carbon tax and people adapt to become more energy efficient. Also, going green CREATES jobs, many jobs. Their prediction about poor people suffering due to slowdown of economy is based on archaic notions about industry and economy, like their whole business.

  • A substantial carbon tax would definitely change behavior and reduce emissions. The question is, do we have the political will to impose a carbon tax? And if we do, would the Supreme Court throw it out on the grounds that it violates the constitutional rights of corporations?

  • So much nonsense, so little time.

    ExxonMobil owns ZERO service stations in the U.S. Boycotting “them” will have no effect, unless you don’t buy gas anywhere else either. At best, a boycott might drive the small to mid-size companies that own the stations out of business, but it won’t hurt ExxonMobil. They will simply sell their product to whoever is seeing the increased demand.

    As for the industry’s huge profits, they’re the biggest companies in the world and are ordinary at best, if you rank them based on ROA. Apple makes far, far more money by that standard.

    For the time being, the world needs fossil fuel. Grow up, people.

  • I grabbed most of the content from this page – it’s the importance of the campaign and its message. I linked back here.

    You may find it at:

    A Most Excellent Campaign: Exxon Hates Your Children

    I see you have your own problem with the establishment sock puppets. God how I hate them. I hate them!

    For your pleasure and consideration I include a brief poem I wrote last evening. I do hope you find it both relevant and useful.

    It is not difficult to understand that the ceos and the cfos and all those who have made it their lives work to promote the fossil fuel industry as the fundamental component of the global energy equation – they will not let go of all they have built.

    They will not. They will not relinquish their status or their position – much less the wealth that their position generates.

    They will die first.

    The very same thing may be said for all of those who have with tremendous patience hijacked our economy and subverted our political and our judicial systems of government. They will not let go of all they have worked so hard for so long with such patience to create. They will not.

    They will die first.

    This is a fact with which we absolutely must come to grips.

    Those who have slaved for so long and so hard and sacrificed so much will not see all that they have built taken away. Not now. Not ever. Not for any reason.

    They will die first.

    We must come to understand this very simple and self evident fact.

    We must come to understand this very simple and self evident fact, and then we must decide how we will act.

    We must come to understand this very simple and self evident fact, and then we must decide

    that we must act.

    © D. Winter April 30, 2014

  • @Ken Douglas: Germany recently hit a major milestone: 75% of the power they consumed was produced by renewables. By the end of the year, with enough effort, they could make that 100%

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