You may have seen the latest effort to push an All of the Above energy to a younger generation, this time by the GOP (but of course, they’re not the first to do so…ahem, President Obama…).

Well, we have our own version we’d like to share with you that we think tells a more accurate picture of what All of the Above energy boosters are really all about. And after you’re done watching, be sure to send a message that you won’t stand for All of the Above climate denial.

Check out our remake:

…and here’s the original, if you haven’t seen it (warning: may cause grimaces and sighs):

Scientists have told us that we must leave some 80% of known fossil fuel reserves in the ground if we want a stable climate. All of the Above energy policy will plunge us deeper into climate chaos, and is a form a climate denial.

Sign our petition against All of the Above energy policies:


  • I prefer a future for myself and my family. please. Zero toleration on polluting. it’s not necessary(there are plenty of alternatives and it’s killing our world.) personally it does not matter whether it is a lack of food, diseases or these freak storms and unpredictable days, an unnatural death for my family threw suffering is not going to happen if i can stop it. well i cannot control anyone but me. The large energy and auto companies can and if they wont, we have to make them or let them go extinct.

  • Republicans won’t even admit we have a problem. If they did they would have to reject dirty oil money from the Billionaires they protect.

  • One problem…. No way in the world are Republicans for all the above. All the above? That would be Democrats and specifically Pres. Obama. I wish I had a nickel for every time he has said it.

  • Capitalism has failed the world and is an inextricable part of the American system of governance. The most destructive and heinous corporations (energy, or otherwise) are those with the most political clout. It seems to me that if we want to actually make a lasting difference for the poor and marginalized – not only in America, but for billions globally – we should stop pretending that there is an effective dialogue going on with “elected” (financed) officials. More relevant environmental ads might advocate corporate divestment and local off-grid power sourcing. I’d love to see people flooding into prison for not paying credit card bills, defaulting on all debts, not paying taxes, stealing from corporate entities, or otherwise gumming up the works of the monetary system, than for marching on a Washington that is completely negligent when it comes to public need/opinion.

  • It’s interesting when they say “all of the above” and “shouldn’t have to check bank account balance to pay for gas” because where do you think the high taxes on gas are going? The oil industry is the DOMINANT force in the market, yet it is subsidized in every way possible to allow it to compete unfairly with safer, environmentally sound technologies that scarcely even get research funding. We have over 100 million residential rooftops that have at least some potential for solar power installation, and every dollar invested in solar roofing goes to local contractors in a devastated construction market. If you want money in your bank account, start by appreciating local jobs which the entire green industry is ready for. We can turn this economy around by investing in sustainable technology and practices.

  • Alliance for Solar Choice is a group of Solar Leasing Companies that with Net-Metering enable One Utility to Replace Another SLC, Why should a Hard Working, Tax Paying, Voting, Home Owning Citizen not be able to participate in the State mandated 33% Renewable Energy by 2020 ? We need a Ca. Residential Feed in Tariff and a National One.

    Globally we are emitting 40-44 Billion tons of Green House Gases annually, here in California we emit 446 million tons of Carbon Dioxide a year, 1,222,000 Toxic Tons a Day.

    The California Public Utility Commission is thinking of replacing San Onofre and Hydro losses to generating with Natural Gas Power Plants, unless We start Changing and Fighting for real Sustainable Energy Policies.

    The state currently produces about 71% of the electricity it consumes, while it imports 8% from the Pacific Northwest and 21% from the Southwest.

    This is how we generate our electricity in 2011, natural gas was burned to make 45.3% of electrical power generated in-state. Nuclear power from Diablo Canyon in San Luis Obispo County accounted for 9.15%, large hydropower 18.3%, Renewable 16.6% and coal 1.6%.

    There is 9% missing from San Onofre and with the current South Western drought, how long before the 18.3% hydro will be effected?

    We have to change how we generate our electricity, with are current drought conditions and using our clean water for Fracking, there has to be a better way to generate electricity, and there is, a proven stimulating policy.

    The Feed in Tariff is a policy mechanism designed to accelerate investment in Renewable Energy, the California FiT allows eligible customers generators to enter into 10- 15- 20- year contracts with their utility company to sell the electricity produced by renewable energy, and guarantees that anyone who generates electricity from R E source, whether Homeowner, small business, or large utility, is able to sell that electricity. It is mandated by the State to produce 33% R E by 2020.

    FIT policies can be implemented to support all renewable technologies including:
    Photovoltaics (PV)
    Solar thermal
    Fuel cells
    Tidal and wave power.

    There is currently 3 utilities using a Commercial Feed in Tariff in California Counties, Los Angeles, Palo Alto, and Sacramento, are paying their businesses 17 cents per kilowatt hour for the Renewable Energy they generate. We can get our Law makers and Regulators to implement a Residential Feed in Tariff, to help us weather Global Warming, insulate our communities from grid failures, generate a fair revenue stream for the Homeowners and protect our Water.

    The 17 cents per kilowatt hour allows the Commercial Business owner and the Utility to make a profit.

    Commercial Ca. rates are 17 – 24 cents per kilowatt hour.

    Implementing a Residential Feed in Tariff at 13 cents per kilowatt hour for the first 2,300 MW, and then allow no more than 3-5 cents reduction in kilowatt per hour, for the first tier Residential rate in you area and for the remaining capacity of Residential Solar, there is a built in Fee for the Utility for using the Grid. A game changer for the Hard Working, Voting, Tax Paying, Home Owner and a Fair Profit for The Utility, a win for our Children, Utilities, and Our Planet.

    We also need to change a current law, California law does not allow Homeowners to oversize their Renewable Energy systems.

    Campaign to allow Californian residents to sell electricity obtained by renewable energy for a fair pro-business market price. Will you read, sign, and share this petition?

    Roof top Solar is the new mantra for Solar Leasing Companies with Net-Metering which allows them to replace One Utility with Another, we need to change this policy with a Residential Feed in Tariff that will level the playing field and allow all of us to participate in the State mandated 33% Renewable Energy by 2020.

    This petition will ask the California Regulators and Law makers to allocate Renewable Portfolio Standards to Ca. Home Owners for a Residential Feed in Tariff, the RPS is the allocation method that is used to set aside a certain percentage of electrical generation for Renewable Energy in the the State.

    Do not exchange One Utility for Another (Solar Leasing Companies) “Solar is absolutely great as long as you stay away from leases and PPAs. Prices for solar have dropped so dramatically in the past year, that leasing a solar system makes absolutely no sense in today’s market.

    The typical household system is rated at about 4.75 kW. After subtracting the 30% federal tax credit, the cost would be $9,642 to own this system. The typical cost to lease that same 4.75 kW system would be $35,205 once you totaled up the 20 years worth of lease payments and the 30% federal tax credit that you’ll have to forfeit when you lease a system. $9,642 to own or $35,205 to lease. Which would you rather choose?

    If you need $0 down financing then there are much better options than a lease or PPA. FHA is offering through participating lenders, a $0 down solar loan with tax deductible interest and only a 650 credit score to qualify. Property Assessed Clean Energy loans are available throughout the state that require no FICO score checks, with tax deductible interest that allow you to make your payments through your property tax bill with no payment due until November 2014. Both of these programs allow you to keep the 30% federal tax credit as well as any applicable cash rebate. With a lease or PPA you’ll have to forfeit the 30% tax credit and any cash rebate, and lease or PPA payments are not tax deductible.

    Solar leases and PPA served their purpose two years ago when no other viable form of financing was available, but today solar leases and PPAs are two of the most expensive ways to keep a solar system on your roof.” Ray Boggs.

  • If you admit there’s climate change and that we are living unsustainably then you would have to acknowledge that the hippies were right. That cannot be allowed to happen.

  • The longer we deny climate change and denigrate a clean energy policy, the more expensive it will be for all of us and the generations that follow!

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