Thousands of Californians rallied in Sacramento on March 15th, calling for Governor Jerry Brown to stop fracking in the state…and the media turned out in force as well. Below is a brief roundup of some of our favorite reports on Don’t Frack California from traditional, new, and social media. (Note: this post will be updated with more reports as they come in.)

Television News
CBS Sacramento:

News 10 (ABC Sacramento):

Fox Sacramento:



Other Photo Albums:


Print, Blogs, etc:

Social Media

The Don’t Frack California rally was just the latest (and largest so far) show of force of the growing anti-fracking movement in California. Stay tuned for more from Californians Against Fracking and the anti-fracking movement in the weeks and months ahead…


  • I am really glad that I attended this rally. Thousands of Californians showed up, some from as far away as San Diego.
    I asked several CHP officers if there had been ANY problems with the crowd. They all told me that there had been no problems at all, that everybody was acting in a very positive manner.

    We need to do more marching and demonstrating to help make things better in our wonderful state.

  • Here are some upcoming events:

    3/18 U.C. Berkeley 12:30 pm Savio Steps, Sproul Hall Plaza

    4/12 @ Idle No More “Connect the Dots” Healing Walk/Ride, 1st segment from Pittsburg to Martinez.

    4/19 San Francisco 11:30 am starting at Justin Herman Plaza (Embarcadero BART)
    Earth Day SF Action Parade & Rally. See

    5/9-11 Bay Area Climate Conference Unitarian Universalist Church of San Francisco 7:00pm: Dr. Mark Jacobson of Stanford University tells how we can move to renewable energy now.

    info thanks to Sunflower Alliance for more information

  • How can I help put an end to this horrific raping of our precious state? I was born and raised in Torrance next to dozens of refineries, shell, Exxon, Mobil, Chevron you name it where the stench was consistently horrific and made me nauseous daily. As a young adult I lived in Long Beach a pleasant 6 blocks from the shore …… the horror shore of nothing but stench and traffic of the offshore oil rigs, Thumbs islands, just polluted dead water….. sad beyond belief. For 20 yrs there I picked up garbage and rallied to save the beaches….. oil won as dead fish littered the shores I came to love and tried so hard to resuscitate. I finally moved to a beautiful peaceful town where I purchased a home with my partner in the middle of a 150 tree apple Orchard and we created a non profit animal Sanctuary for abandoned abused special needs animals. I cannot leave the spaces and places that nurtured me, that exposed me, that frightening me, that opened my eyes and broke my heart behind. How can help? Text me….. 562 310 4369. Natasha

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