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“Frack Water” Cologne Ad Exposes Motives Behind Gov. Brown’s Fracking Push

New online video and campaign finance analysis highlight dangers of fracking, influence of Big Oil in California

California Governor Jerry Brown is taking a hit today for his penchant for fracking and dirty energy donations with a new satirical online video launched by Oil Change International (OCI) and comedians Andy Cobb and Mike Damanskis of Heavy Crude Video. The video is the latest escalation of the Big Oil Brown campaign effort sponsored by OCI, pushing for a ban on fracking for oil and gas in the state.

The video parody, entitled “Frack Water,” portrays a Governor Brown look-alike outside a southern California oil field accompanied by a California oil industry representative, in a shot for shot remake of a 2004 Stetson cologne advertisement starring Matthew McConaughey.

The video can be seen here:

The ad is narrated as follows:

“In a land plagued by drought, one man stands tall….We won’t tell you what’s in it, but Big Oil Brown’s got it all over him…Jerry Brown’s frackwater. A fragrance that smells like a man…a man who doesn’t give a [bleep] about drought or climate change.”

“If Governor Brown truly wants to be a climate champion, he must stop fracking in California,” said David Turnbull, Campaigns Director of Oil Change International. “Why provide drought relief one day and then allow wasteful water expenditures to dig up new oil that will wreck our climate the next? The Governor needs to make up his mind. Is he an environmental leader or a Big Oil patsy?”

Also out today is a new analysis released by Oil Change International that outlines the massive contributions from the oil industry to the Governor’s coffers in recent years. The review shows these contributions have surpassed $2 million since 2006.

The campaign contribution analysis can be found here:

“You can’t buy back your legacy, Governor, even with all that Big Oil cash,” Turnbull said. “California is on the brink of climate catastrophe and fracking up the state will help push it over the edge. Californians deserve better than to be beholden to Big Oil’s desires and befouled by their stench.”

The video and analysis come just over a week ahead of a major mobilization in Sacramento planned for March 15th, where thousands of anti-fracking activists from around the state are expected. More information on the March 15th mobilization can be found at

More from the team at Heavy Crude Video can be seen at





  • As California Progressive Democrats who ALWAYS vote, we are re-considering whether we will vote for Jerry Brown, because of this issue! This shows us that he is unconcerned about our environment or in conservation of water!
    We want renewable energy, Governor Brown. You are really antagonizing the thousands of environmentalist voters in your state. Care to rethink this FRACKing thing? We definitely hope so!

  • Stop this madness. I thought that California was trying to transition into renewable energy by 2020.
    What has happened to you, Jerry Brown? I suggest you listen to the good Jerry Brown who is president of The World Business Academy. He knows how bad fossil fuels are for our ability to live on this planet.

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