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Response to Senator Landrieu Election as Chair of Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources
One of Big Oil’s Closest Allies Set to Become Influential Senate Energy Chair

WASHINGTON, D.C. – In an attempt to bolster Senator Landrieu’s (D-LA) upcoming re-election bid, the Democratic leadership in the Senate is set to make her the new chairperson of the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources following a Senate Democratic Caucus vote expected later today. This decision will ensure one of Big Oil’s closest Democratic allies is in a prime position to work in their interest.

In response to Senator Landrieu’s new position, Stephen Kretzmann, Executive Director of Oil Change International, released the following statement:

“Big Oil has been pursuing a ‘buypartisan’ strategy and it’s likely to pay off with Senator Landrieu. The Senator would do well to remember that she represents all the citizens of Louisiana who are dealing every day with the health and climate impacts of the petrochemical industry and not simply the corporate donors who are lining her pockets with petrodollars for reelection.”


According to Oil Change International’s Dirty Energy Money database, Senator Landrieu has taken $1,548,323 from the fossil fuel industry since she was first elected to office, averaging over $500,000 each election cycle. By comparison, the Senate average is $392,698 per Senator.

Senator Murkowski (R-AK), the ranking Republican on the Senate Energy Committee, has taken $1,212,733 during her career. The 22 person Senate Energy Committee has taken a combined total of $9,422,101.

More information on fossil fuel industry campaign contributions can be found via our Dirty Energy Money database:



  • Why does it have to be someone who is bought and paid for by big oil to control energy policy? That is just ridiculous.

  • Absolutely NOT. Landreau should NOT be chair of something she is so obviously prejudiced about. She is for BIG OIL and NOT the environment OR the people of this country! NO NO!

  • No one with ties to Big Oil, or taking money from Big Oil, should be sitting on the committee of Energy and Natural Resources. Those with ties to Big Oil will have only one agenda: to keep their Big Oil puppeteers happy. We need people who can see that Big Oil/Coal need to go the way of the dinosaur, and that we need better, renewable energy sources.

  • End Fossil fuels, after all your children will die too. There is no need to further destroy our planet. Hemp, solar and wind can replace all fossil fuel use today with almost no environmental impact. If we stop destroying our earth air and water it will eventually repair itself. Doing anything else is irresponsible and deadly to the human race.

  • Dirty energy will always reveal itself to the American people. It will cause catastrophe after catastrophe and whoever is responsible will have oil dripping from their name for years to come. I advise any upcoming politician and all veterans to turn your gaze toward renewables; this is the twenty first century. The people are going to have their say over their Earth, water, air, etc.

  • It is a shame that this woman, who is the pawn, of big oil with get such a position. It is time that Congress, both Democrats and Republicans stand up to

  • It is common knowledge that we have a Global Warming Crisis and a fresh water problem; the American people want our representatives to work for the environment because what is good for the environment is better for the people, the planet, and for business. This woman should be on the Energy Committee. We no longer want to be dependent on Big Oil, and fossil fuels; we need renewable energy initiatives NOW! Dona Syman 13326

  • Andrew J. Myrick (May 28, 1832 – August 18, 1862), was a trader who, with his Dakota wife (Winyangewin/Nancy Myrick), operated a store in southwest Minnesota near the Minnesota River in the late part of his life. Myrick had stores at the Yellow Medicine and Redwood Agencies. Myrick had been informed that the “traders paper” that allowed the traders to be paid right from the annuity allotments for what they were owed on credit was not going to be allowed this time,so he responded that they would give no more credit at the stores and “So far as I am concerned, if they (the Dakota) are hungry let them eat grass or their own dung.”

    If we don’t quit polluting our environment, we will have nothing left! I’ve heard irate Turtle Island People say “Let them eat money!” about white people who continue to pollute our environment, with no thought of the future!

  • Rapid change is needed…there is no more time to waste to account for and help all systems of nature under attack by big oil.

  • Another example of Fascism 101…The United States of America,has the best Politicians that money can buy! The revolving door in Washington,combined with Campaign contributions pretty much set up a politicians agenda. Amerika is not a Government…it is a corporation,and the Politicians and special interest are playing with a marked deck of cards. As the stock exchange experiencing record profits,Americans as a whole are being used and abused. Politicians do not fear the voters…they fear losing their Corporate sponsors!

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