For Immediate Release: May 9, 2013

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8 Senate Republicans Boycotting McCarthy EPA Nomination Took $5.2 Million from Fossil Fuel Industry


Washington, DC– New analysis by Oil Change International revealed today that the 8 Republican members of the Senate Environment and Public Works committee who boycotted a vote on the nomination of Gina McCarthy to lead the US Environmental Protection Agency have received over $5.2 million in campaign contributions from fossil fuel interests.

“These 8 dirty Senators have a combined 5.2 million reasons to ignore their constituents and boycott this hearing, and those reasons were laid bare today,” said David Turnbull, Campaigns Director of Oil Change International. “Today’s stunt is yet another example of the fossil fuel industry’s grip on Washington politics. Americans care about clean air, water and communities, yet these Senators chose to listen to Big Oil, Coal and Gas instead. We demand better than bought and paid for officials.”

The key number breakdown:
·     Combined dollars from fossil fuel industry for 8 boycotting Senators: $5,279,000

·     Average per boycotting Senator: $659,875

·     Average per Senator attending vote to confirm McCarthy: $193,521

That works out to nearly 3.5 times more dirty energy money for the boycotters than their average non-boycotting counterparts.

This analysis is based on data compiled from Oil Change International’s Dirty Energy Money database. More information can be found here:


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