You really did not expect them to lie down and roll over without a fight did you?  Yesterday we highlighted how the sceptics were gearing up for one last push to undermine the science of climate change. Today its the turn of the oil and coal companies who are pouring millions into scuppering the Democrat’s Climate Bill.

America’s fossil fuel industry has increased its lobbying budget by 50%, with key players spending $44.5m in the first three months of this year in an unprecedented propaganda effort.

There has been an outpouring of money intended to scupper the legislation that is being poured into lobbying and advertising. The spoiler campaign involves industry front groups, lobbying firms, television, print and radio advertising, and donations to pivotal members of Congress.

Twelve key Democrats from oil, gas, and coal states – who are yet to publicly support the bill are being superficially targeted. Seven of these pivotal politicians received campaign donations in excess of $100,000 from the oil and gas industry, coal producers, and electricity firms during last year’s elections, according to an analysis provided to the Guardian newspaper by the Centre for Responsive Politics.  Another two received more than $90,000 last year.

The big oil intention is kill off any plans to pass “cap and trade” legislation this year and delay any global deal. “There are an awful lot of people who have an awful lot to gain and lose and they have been acting accordingly,” said Evan Tracey, founder of the Campaign Media Analysis Group (CMAG), who has tracked the proliferation of climate change ads. The oil and coal industry spent $76.1m on ads from 1 January to 27 April, according to CMAG.

What this shows that despite the so-called greening of the oil industry leaders such as BP and Shell to say they are concerned about climate change, the industry still fights tooth and nail to fight any action on it. They are obsessed with the cost to themselves, not the wider cost to society.