I never have been big on rules.

And neither apparently, is Tim DeChristopher.  He’s the young activist who just completely derailed the Bush Administration’s plans to sell more of our public lands to the oil companies.

He sat in the lease sale in Salt Lake City on December 19th and “bought” 22,500 acres of public lands right out from under the suits from Chevron and Exxon.

One small problem – Tim doesn’t actually have that money.  In a way though, it almost doesn’t matter, because he’s now monkeywrenched the process so thoroughly that they won’t be able to conduct another sale until after the Obama Administration takes over – and thus hopefully never.

Tim needs to raise $45,000 by this Friday January 9th, in order to avoid fraud charges and put the sale out of reach to the Bush Administration  and their oily friends.  He’s already raised almost half.

Can you please join me in supporting Tim DeChristoper, Bidder 70, today? Your contribution, which goes through the Center for Water Advocacy in Moab Utah, is fully tax deductible.

Thank you, and thanks to Tim for reminding all of us that direct action still gets the goods!


  • This guy is my hero! I read about his efforts and felt he should have had far more recognition for his courageous work. I went to your link to help support him in his quest to raise $45K by Friday January 9 – but found it confusing. I’ll try again. But I just thought the fine people at Oil Change International should be aware of the difficulties to your average Jane/Joe in our efforts to help out. Yeah Tim!

  • Tim DeChristopher acted very bravely. I commend him for his courage. He did what many may have dreamed or imagined doing, but Tim has the tenacity and courage to act and disrupt the land sales for gas and oil it!!!! that would be disasterous to that area in Utah.

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