The uncomfortable truth for climate campaigners is that despite the increasing urgency of the issue, and despite the huge political and media coverage global warming has received over the last two years, the public is becoming LESS concerned about it.

Let’s quickly look at Britain. In 2005, polling by the authoritative polling company MORI found that 44 per cent of the British were very concerned about climate change. In 2008, that figure had dropped to 30 per cent.

In part informal focus group research suggests that the public is confused over the issue and the prominent voice still given to the skeptics, no more so that in the highly-misleading and factually-inaccurate polemic, the Great Global Warming Swindle.

The producer of that programme Martin Durkin continues to spout his sceptic-nonsense about how climate change is a myth etc. Well maybe Durkin should talk to the birds as well as new research has found that climate change is making British birds lay their eggs earlier in the year.

New analysis of 30,000 nests shows that birds such as the chaffinch and the robin are laying their eggs about a week earlier than in the 1960s. A similar pattern has been seen for other species, such as blue tits, great tits and swallows. Maybe the skeptics should ask themselves, how can birds alter their egg-laying patters and migratory routes because of something that doesn’t exist.

Answers please…