The concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has reached a record high, according to the latest figures, renewing fears that climate change could begin to slide out of control.

Scientists at the Mauna Loa observatory in Hawaii say that CO2 levels in the atmosphere now stand at 387 parts per million (ppm), up almost 40% since the industrial revolution and the highest for at least the last 650,000 years.

The figures, published by NOAA confirm that CO2 is accumulating in the atmosphere faster than expected. From 1970 to 2000, the concentration rose by about 1.5ppm each year, but since 2000 the annual rise has leapt to an average 2.1ppm. Last year it was 2.14ppm.

Scientists say the shift could indicate that the Earth is losing its natural ability to soak up billions of tonnes of CO2 each year. Martin Parry, co-chair of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s working group on impacts, said: “Despite all the talk, the situation is getting worse.”

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  • Seems you are looking in the wrong place. The real record is out there. Guess the IPCC just has no use for the truth??

    History of CO2 Gas Analysis of Air by Chemical Methods

    Since 1812 de Saussure, Robert Bunsen, Max Pettenkofer, Albert Krogh
    (Nobel prize 1920) or Otto Warburg (Nobel award 1931) an many others had accurately
    measured CO2 content in air contradicting IPCC (> 90,000 values)

    CO2 concentration (average) in 19th century: ~321 ppm, 20th century:~338 ppm

    LFO decadal fluctuating ocean currents cause climate variability and by
    outgassing CO2 fluctuations in northern hemisphere, ~65 years (1942, ~2003)

    CO2 fluctuates with lunar phases

    Arrhenius, Callendar, Keeling and IPCC had drawn wrong conclusions from biased data

    Nature controls atmospheric CO2 concentration

    For the full story go to:


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