Now to the other side of our oil addiction. Climate change is already affecting the prospects for children in the world’s poorer countries, according to Unicef.

The UN children’s agency says that increases in floods, droughts and insect-borne disease will all affect health, education and welfare. While richer societies can adjust, it says in a new report, poorer ones do not have the resources. “Those who have contributed least to climate change – the world’s poorest children – are suffering the most,” said David Bull, executive director of Unicef UK “If the world does not act now to mitigate and adapt to the risks and realities of climate change, we will seriously hamper efforts to reach the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) by 2015 and sustain development progress thereafter.”

The report is launched in the UK 10 years to the day after the government signed the Kyoto Protocol on reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Did signing it make any difference?


  • Maybe people do not believe the man made global warming BS?

    Now if he said soaring prices are due to high oil prices then he may have some credibility.

  • Agree wholeheartedly.

    perhaps we can add that food prices are skyrocketing as part of the whole misguided attempt to create ethanol. Food is food – dont make me put it in my car!

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