Was it his Palestinian scarf, his Armani jeans, designer shirt or his permanent tan that gave him away?

But a spy who infiltrated the direct action group Plane Stupid in the UK, has been exposed after making a series of elementary errors that aroused suspicions.

When Toby Kendall joined Plane Stupid he told the activists that his name was “Ken Tobias” and said that he was deeply concerned by the impact of the aviation industry on climate change and that he wanted to help to organise protests.

After suspecting something was wrong Plane Stupid began a mole hunt and, after feeding him false information that found its way within two days to the aviation industry, discovered his real name and employer.

Kendall works for C2i International, a counter-intelligence company run by former special forces officers. So now the hunt is on to find out who paid C2i, meanwhile check out Plane Stupid’s website for more details and pictures.

A spokesman for the group said: “This special agent was more Austin Powers than James Bond,