Climate change poses “serious security risks” and fighting it should be part of “preventive security policy”, according to the European Union’s top diplomats.

The warning is contained in a paper prepared for an EU summit this month by Javier Solana, the bloc’s foreign policy chief, and Benita Ferrero-Waldner, external relations commissioner. It says that increased natural disasters and shortages of water, food and other resources in the developing world could affect European security.

The threat of water wars is particularly grave in the Middle East. Two-thirds of the Arab world relies on external supplies. “Existing tensions over access to water are almost certain to intensify in the region, leading to further political instability with detrimental implications for Europe’s energy security and other interests. Water supply in Israel might fall by 60 per cent over this century,” the paper says.

It anticipates falling harvests in Turkey, Iraq, Syria and Saudi Arabia, creating instability there. “Climate change will fuel conflicts over depleting resources, especially where access to those resources is politicised”.

Its only going to get worse..