A huge explosion rocked a Texan oil refinery yesterday in a violent blast that shook buildings miles away and injured at least four people.

One employee was hospitalized for burns, while three contractors were treated and released, said Blake Lewis, a spokesman for refinery owner Alon USA.

The refinery was lucky as it had a skeleton crew of just 40 people were there because of the Presidents Day holiday. The blast sent black smoke billowing into the sky, and forced the closure of schools and an interstate.

“It was extremely scary. You shook you were so scared,” said Laura McEwen, the mayor’s wife, who lives about two miles from the refinery. “Our walls shook. It jolted your bed. It was like an earthquake.”

The refinery, employs about 170 people and has the capacity to put out about 70,000 barrels a day.

I bet BP were thankful it wasn’t one of their refineries again.