Hashmeya HusseinFor a year now, Hashmeya Hussein has risked her life to oppose the Iraq Oil Law.

Hashmeya is an Iraqi, a mother, a labor union leader, and a vocal opponent of the US attempt to privatize Iraq’s oil fields. Hashmeya and her fellow union organizers risk their safety on a daily basis by publicly opposing the oil law that would give foreign companies majority of control of Iraq’s oil resources. Their fight is not over– and now they are calling for your help in organizing against this grab for Iraq’s oil.

February 22-23 marks the one-year anniversary of the Cabinet’s passage of the Iraq Oil Law. People around the world will hold actions on these days in solidarity with the people of Iraq to say NO to the oil law and NO to foreign contracts under the occupation.

Take a lunch break with us on Friday, Feb 22 and join us in DC for street theatre antics, speakers and a march from Exxon to the White House. If you live outside of DC, please join in solidarity with Hashmeya and host an action in your community!

These actions help to continue the momentum against the oil law in Iraq while bringing a strong message to the Bush Administration that we stand against their coercive tactics to push the oil law. Search here for an action in your area or sign up to host an action today!