U.S. Energy Secretary Sam Bodman has pleaded with Saudi Arabia for more oil, undeterred by OPEC’s cautious response to Washington’s request so far.

Bodman told reporters in Abu Dhabi there were short-term concerns about the performance of the U.S. economy and he was hopeful Riyadh would steer a decision to increase oil supplies at OPEC’s meeting on February 1 in Vienna.

“I continue to believe in my earlier statement that we are hopeful they will increase supplies,” he said. “I am of the view that there needs to be increased supply in order to call the markets of the world well supplied with oil.”

Bodman’s appeal came days after U.S. President George W. Bush asked for more oil on a separate visit to Riyadh, and less than two weeks before OPEC’s next meeting.

Time to break that addiction George… it would be a whole lot easier than getting out the begging bowl…


  • This really is both pathetic and frightening. The last time oil prices were this high (late 70s) the response was…find more oil. This time the junkies keep hanging on the streetcorner, even though there’s less product to go around.

    Apropos of nothing, was watching the Wire the other night and I was amused to see the latest batch of dope, “greenhouse gas”, being peddled by street calls of “Its hot!”.

    File under: you know the issue has arrived when…

  • It is kind of sad to see our officials go out, hat in hand, begging the oil sheiks for more oil. What is really troubling is that it does not have to be that way. We have oil available on our soil. We are the Saudi Arabia of coal. Additionally, the last time I looked, we were blessed with many very intelligent and clever folks capable of providing solutions to the energy problems we face, if they were given a chance to do so and rewarded for their efforts.

    But no, our leaders would rather cater to the environmental movement and socialistic left, than look after the wellbeing of this nation as a whole. In doing so, the politicans are really looking after their political furture, not the future of the people fo this nation. So, here we are watching our leaders sit at the begger’s table hoping the oil sheiks will throw us a crumb or two. It is pathetic.

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