After years of dithering by the government and a slick PR campaign by the industry, the UK government is set to approve a new generation of nuclear power stations today.

The business secretary, John Hutton, will tell MPs that new stations must be built to ensure future security of supply and help produce a balanced energy mix. The decision is a victory for the nuclear industry, and will outrage environmental groups.

The executive director of Greenpeace, UK John Sauven, told the Guardian: “There is a lie at the heart of the government’s coming announcement on nuclear power. Ministers’ own research found that even 10 new reactors would only cut the UK’s carbon emissions by about 4% some time after 2025, and the so-called energy gap will open before new nuclear power stations can be built. We need energy efficiency, cleaner use of fossil fuels, renewables and state-of-the-art decentralised power stations like they have in Scandinavia.”

No one is mentioning nuclear proliferation either… the elephant in the room..

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  • My bumper sticker here in the good ole USA says “Drill Alaska, Tax Gas, Go Nuclear”

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