Whilst the political crisis and rising death toll in Kenya is gaining global attention and absorbing the media’s attitude for stories from Africa, it’s a bloody New Year in Nigeria too.

Thirteen people died after armed militants attacked targets in Port Harcourt, Nigeria’s main oil industry town in the Delta.

The Niger Delta Vigilante Movement, led by militia leader Ateke Tom, has claimed responsibility for the attack. The group’s strongholds in the creeks surrounding Port Harcourt had come under military bombardment in recent days. Tom later threatened reprisal attacks on the oil hub, where the major western oil companies have bases.

The attacks have cut the country’s oil exports, standing at 2.5 million barrels daily, by more than 20% in the last two years, and have added to the upward pressure on global oil prices.

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  • yes it should not supposed to be a happy day for nigerias esspecilly the people in the oil region, they are right fo what they are doing in order to demand for their right ok. since it has come to be that the leader’s can not look into the poor people affiliciations rather they are there for their own selfish interest why would the youth do anything to exctort their own day bread by doing any thing to get it.
    notice 1; from the so call our leader that do travel to other parts of europe for their holidays assuming the europe they like going to spend their holidays is like nigeria will they go.
    notice 2; the leader should try and see what they can do to engage the younths after school as form ( secondary, universities, polytechnics ) in order to give them jobs , and another thing i will like to say is that they should stop this there (IM) which means Imma – madu that is going on their ok.
    notice 3; corruptions should stop esspecially from the police people ok

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