An international group of scientists have joined together to demand immediate action on cutting greenhouse gases. More than 200 climate scientists have put their names to the declaration which is intended to be a rallying call to the UN climate conference in Bali.

They say millions of people will be put at risk from climate change if nothing is done. They say there is a window of only 10-15 years in which global emissions must peak and decline with a 50 per cent reduction target by 2050.

Failure would result in coasts and cities being threatened by rising sea levels and people around the world facing extreme weather including heatwaves, drought, floods and storms.

The roll-call of top climate researchers includes a leading researcher from the University of East Anglia and British Antarctic Survey: Prof Le Quéré said: “Climate change is unfolding very fast. There is only one option to limit the damages: stabilise the concentration of CO2 and other greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. There is no time to waste. I urge the negotiators in Bali to stand up to the challenge and set strong binding targets for the benefit of the world population.”

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